Bruce Lipton, PhD

The Magic and the Neurobiology of Belief – A Conversation With Bruce Lipton, PhD


Choosing his fascinating metaphors, Dr. Lipton introduces us to a new way of understanding human behavior, our belief systems, and how we can create a new foundation for future growth. Important things are happening under the radar. We are experiencing the emergence of a new global consciousness. Continue reading

Dr. Sunil Pai

Your Food, Cancer, and How to Confront This Inflammation Nation – A Conversation with Sunil Pai, MD


Dr. Pai says that although what you eat may not cause cancer, what you eat can determine whether or not your body will support the growth of cancer. He says how you handle stress has a direct effect as well. He says you can heal many illnesses and sustain your health through eating a diet that can lower inflammation. Continue reading

Healing With Love: A Conversation with Leonard Laskow MD


He will share with us his experiments in university laboratories with biophysicists and Neurochemists, and how the growth of cancer cells and of pathogenic bacteria can be inhibited right there on the petri-dish through the power of thought, spirit, and setting intention. You will learn of how he has changed the lives of thousands through visualization, the laying on of hands, and the guiding of the body into coherence. Continue reading

Excuse Me Doctor! I’ve Got What? – Taking Ownership Of Your Health – A Conversation with Dr. Melissa Clarke


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 50:00 — 22.9MB)Melissa Clarke is a practicing physician who has studied acupuncture, been dean of a medical school, and has written a book that should be on everybody’s bookshelf. It’s entitled: Excuse Me Doctor! I’ve Got What? – Taking Ownership Of Your Health And Making Healthcare Reform Work For You. In this…

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A Sound Mind in a Sound Body – A Conversation with Dr. Dennis Kravetz [Free Podcast]


In this lively and convincing conversation we will touch on the highlights of the work that has made Dr. Kravetz successful working with one half of all the Fortune 500 companies and the Navy. Continue reading

The Power of Music and The Healing Environment: A Conversation with Susan Mazer, PhD. [Free Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 50:00 — 22.9MB) “Not long after developing the tools of guided imagery meditation and Selective Awareness (mindfulness), I discovered how much more powerful they were when skillfully wedded to beautiful music and nature sounds. Not long after that, I met Susan Mazer, and we performed together, blending the uniquely beautiful sound of…

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Sondra Barrett

Understanding the Secrets of Your Body’s Cells, Wisdom at the Cellular Level – A Conversation With Sondra Barrett PhD


Together we explore Sondra Barrett, PhD’s story of what convinced her to bridge medical science and self-healing strategies, and what we have learned about how and why music is healing to the cells of the body. Discover how we can see not only intelligence, but something sacred in our cells and molecules. Continue reading

Confronting Cancer Resources

The cancer resources posted on this page are CDs, DVDs, and books that should prove valuable in marshaling your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social resources to support your healing your cancer.   Cancer Self-Help Manual and Workbook This workbook is designed to provide you with practical tools to assist you in developing a positive expectancy that your treatment will be…

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Stress, Guided Imagery, And Your Heart

Your Level of Stress a Better Predictor of Heart Disease Than Smoking or Diet During episodes of acute stress, stress hormones provide a protective function by activating the body’s defenses, but when these same protective hormones are produced repeatedly, or in excess, because of chronic stress, they create a gradual and steady cascade of harmful physiological changes. Higher levels of…

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Imagery And Anxiety Research

Treatment Of Anxiety: A Comparison Of The Usefulness Of Self Hypnosis And A Meditational Relaxation Technique. An overview. Benson H, Frankel FH, Apfel R, Daniels MD, Schniewind HE, Nemiah JC, Sifneos PE, Crassweller KD, Greenwood MM, Kotch JB, Arns PA, Rosner B. Abstract We have investigated prospectively the efficacy of two nonpharmacologic relaxation techniques in the therapy of anxiety. A…

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Surgery, Stress, Anxiety, and Healing Imagery

The Response to Surgery depends on mental factors             Surgical patients who listened to audio suggestions via headphones while under anesthesia in the operating room recovered from their surgery faster than those who underwent conventional recovery. Patients in the latest study underwent hysterectomies. During the procedure, they heard cassette recordings of suggestions such as, “How fast you recover…

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Stress And Your Immune System

Even Minor Stresses Affect Immunity If Not Compensated For Researchers gave men an unfamiliar but harmless protein for two months and tracked the levels of antibodies. Based on three times a week reporting of moods, good moods corresponded to a better immune response, and relatively low antibody production corresponded with days these students felt that they were in a bad…

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Attitudes, Emotions And Cancer [Mind Body Research]

Can Attitudes Cause Cancer? Seeing life as a long series of challenges may weaken the immune system. Internal Medicine News, June 15, 1987. Emotions Affect Immune Response To Cancer. Continue reading

Effects Of A Complimentary Cancer Therapy Program On Coping And Quality Of Life [Mind Body Research]

Programs using psychosocial intervention comprise a major portion of approaches intended to complement medical treatment of cancer. The effectiveness of such programs has been described as “equivocal”, and empirical studies are needed to establish benefits before they can be widely recommended. Continue reading

Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain

Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain: A Conversation With Brian Goldman MD [Free Podcast]


What is your Prefrontal Cortex, how does it determine your personality, stress level, anxiety, health, and creativity? How does this most highly evolved part of your brain translate your mental images into your health or illness? Find out in this thought-provoking and stimulating hour. Continue reading

Listen to Barbara Dossy in Conversation with Dr. Miller Image

The New Face of Holistic Medicine, with Dr. Barbara Dossey, R.N. [Free Podcast]


This conversation features another of the leaders who have contributed much to the transformation of human health care. Dr. Barbara Dossey is a recognized leader and authority in the field of nursing. You will learn about the new field of Nurse Coaching and the new federal agencies that she has been working with to bring preventive tools to our population. We discuss the real source of illness in our country and how the Nurse Coach goes about helping her/his patients or clients take charge of their lives. Continue reading

Depression Treatment, Ineffective Antidepressants, and Autism [Audio Update]


Recent research in the field of depression has been truly fascinating of late – especially to those of us who need to decide if or when to utilize antidepressant medications. Continue reading

Mind, Medicine, and Miracles: a Converation with Bernie Siegel image

Mind, Medicine, Miracles: A Conversation With Dr. Bernie Siegel [Free Podcast]


We will explore the remarkable ability of the body to heal itself – something that now has been well-documented by medical studies, and how living a life of purpose and Love can sustain our health and our life. After all, as Bernie says, “If we don’t love our lives, our body sees death as the solution.” Probably not the solution we’re hoping for though. Continue reading

Image of Dr. Judith Prager

Verbal First Aid The Power of Words, Images, and Stories to Help and Heal: A Conversation with Dr. Judith Prager [Free Podcast]


You will be fascinated and entertained as Dr. Prager and I explore the power of words to impact beliefs and engender healing. Continue reading

Image of Dr. Kenneth Pelletier

Cutting Edge Tools for Mind-Body Healing: A Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier [Free Podcast]


Dr. Pelletier is a Clinical Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, at the University of Arizona School of Medicine; and, a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco (UCSF). At the University of Arizona, he is Director of the Corporate Health Improvement Program (CHIP) which is a collaborative research program between CHIP and 15 of the Fortune 500 corporations Continue reading