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Thank you for visiting this page.  On it, you will find the free programs and information that I feel are the most important and useful during this Pandemic. The imageries and resources here will support us all to stay healthy and keep our communities and nation healthy as well

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  1. Resist and Prevent Viral Infection: New 3-part Guided Imagery Program

    Click on the links below to stream these tracks (links open in a new window). You can also download this program so you can have it on your computer or device.

    Sure, right now you are confronting a mysterious, invisible enemy. That is true, and the healthiest thing you can do is to learn to accept that it is true. The most effective way to do this is to relax the tension that has built up in your body, relax your emotions which are not helpful at this moment (worry, fear, blame, doubt, etc), and relax your mind by emptying it of these unnecessary thoughts.

    In the following program, I offer you a powerful technique for doing just this. It is called entering the state of deep relaxation, a state of mind very similar to that which is reached during meditation, self-hypnosis, and prayer. After finding your deeply relaxed state you will learn ways to use guided imagery to visualize the empowerment of the cells of your immune system and to prepare them to block, weaken, and kill any viral particles that should enter your body.

    Part 1: Antiviral Heart-to-Heart (Talk)  – This talk is a shorter version of the Dispelling Fear and Resisting Viral Infections Talk that is listed under #2 below.
    Part 2: Virus Protection (Guided Imagery/Meditation)
    Part 3: Outsmarting COVID (Affirmations)
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  2. Video:  Dispel Fear and Resist Viral Infection a Heart-to-Heart Talk and a Short Guided Imagery/Meditation

    This is a re-recording of Dr. Miller’s presentation to the Nevada County Citizen’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting.

    On March 14th Dr. Miller participated and presented in a very informative town hall meeting. Last night we re-recorded his presentation (since he didn’t quite get through his whole script). You can read about it, watch the video, and listen to the re-recording of his presentation.


  3. Calm COVID Fear, Anxiety, and Stress: Strengthen Your Immune System


  4. Caregiver Support and Stress Management

    If you are a health professional working during this pandemic, thank you.  If you are feeling burned out, I hope that this free gift will bring you back to center so you can care effectively for yourself.

    Please share this free program with health professionals in your life.  Doctors, nurses, or caretaker that would benefit from this experience.

    This wonderful program speaks to all types of caregivers. The first track consists of a Heart-to-Heart talk, a reminder of the true source of healing, how the relationship with a caregiver can support this healing, and how important it is to recognize caregiver stress and prevent caregiver burnout. The thrust of this talk is to encourage caregivers to take the time to keep themselves healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    The second track on this product is a soothing deep relaxation/meditation and guided imagery experience specifically designed to support caregivers. It guides you to release excess and accumulated stress and tension and to recommit yourself to your own care and those you care for.


  5. Life Meditation Webinars Hosted by Dr. Emmett Miller

    In the face of the enormous stress brought on by the Pandemic I was called to share my over 50 years of clinical practice experience in helping individuals and groups deal with life’s most stressful situations.

    I offer trusted wisdom and simple, applicable tools such as guided imagery, meditation, self-hypnosis, and mindfulness to help you deal with all of the changes happening in the world.

    See upcoming webinars watch all the past webinars at: https://www.drmiller.com/watch-life-meditations/

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It takes a tremendous amount to create these resources so, if you find them useful I encourage you to please share them widely!


I deeply appreciate your support in this endeavor.

Be Present.  Be Kind.  Be Well.



Emmett Miller MD & The Team at DrMiller.com

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    **Programs at the online store include the following recommended titles.  Click on the blue titles to learn more about each.



Abolish Anxiety: a series of experiences that teach you tools you can use to relax away the fear and anxiety that comes with daily bad news.

Accepting Change and Moving On: is designed to help you deal with losses of all kinds and in times like these, losses of all kinds are being experienced.

Down With High Blood Pressure:  practice with this recording to help you relax tension and anxiety and keep your blood pressure where it should be.

Freeing Yourself From Fear: guiding you systematically to overcome this emotion, even if it has reached the phobic level.

Goodbye Insomnia: has proven time and time again to be the drug-free solution for falling asleep and falling back asleep.

Healing Journey: The all-time favorite for entering a deeply relaxed healing state and visualizing the healing of body, mind, or spirit. Features Raphael’s original score and classical instruments.

Letting Go of Stress: Still the world’s first and best-selling guided imagery meditation program, featuring four of the most powerful techniques to free the body and mind of stress and prevent illness and immune system depression. Features music by Steven Halpern.

Rainbow Butterfly: For a purely beautiful and serenely relaxing meditation, you can’t beat these two classic guided meditations with the ethereal harp of Georgia Kelly. 

I Am – Awakening Self-Acceptance: a strong step toward building your self-confidence which will help you stay strong amidst overwhelming changes.

I Can–Achieving Self-Empowerment: a perfect follow up to I Am, or can be used alone to find that powerful you within and awaken the sleeping giant!

Faith, Hope, and Transformation: helping you to access your spiritual resources, which are important for healing, through incredibly soothing guidance and original music.  

The Ten Minute Stress Manager: for when you only have a few minutes to enjoy relaxation and recharge your body

Relaxation and Inspiration: With all the confusion it is easy to lose your way and your inspiration. This will help you restore a positive mindset. 

The Serenity Prayer: it’s best to accept what you can’t change and act to change what you can though this is easier said than done. This recording offers wisdom and powerful tools to help you do it.

Power of Your Mind to Heal and Transform Your Life (6 DVDs): Time on your hands? Put it to use with this 6 DVD program that teaches you to use your mind to transform your life. 

Escape From Depression: helps you escape from feelings of helplessness and hopelessness by drawing power from your deep Self.

Healing Our Planet: Like never before we have become aware of the need to join our energies to bring life and health to our world and this recording features guided meditations to attune and respond to this need.

Awakening The Leader Within: helps you discover how to play a role in the world we need to create instead of listening to the negativity we have become used to hearing.

Personal Excellence: the perfect time to launch the program of total self-improvement.  

A Time to Heal: Relaxation and Nature Imagery DVD:  a serenely seductive visual journey to guide your relaxation and surrender to the healing power within.