A New Year’s Resolution Message


  1. Hi Emmett, We met several years ago at an Academy of Guided Imagery Conference. I sang on stage with you and Candace Pert – of all songs, The Gambler. Just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year.
    Countless Blessings, Laya (change my name from Linda to Laya almost three years ago – long story)

  2. thsnk you so much for your feedback. it is good to know someone is actually out there:)
    this is a critical time for us all, we are at the denouement of a great epic, and whether we realize our responsibility to ourselves and our planet or not will be the deciding factor. Follow your heart. And Love well and deeply.

  3. Pausing with you… 🙂
    I believe in the power of resolutions and imagineering as the start of the manifestation and enjoyment process.
    I have my resolutions and goals written on a whiteboard next to me, focusing and filling them in, letting go what does not fit in the synergy with my deepest values. It’s a fun excercise!

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