A Warm Winters Guided Imagery Meditation on Gratitude


Guided Imagery offers us an opportunity to calm our minds and feel deep appreciation for the beautiful things in our lives.  For many of us, the world moves along so quickly, and the endless stream of appointments, phone calls, emails, and other Things That Need To Be Done Next continually distracts us from the all important step of positive feedback. The nature of our world is such that many decisions need to be made by the unconscious levels of the mind.

Unless we create a clear, compelling image of the way we want to be and the life we want to create, that part of us may head in the wrong direction. And with so many negative messages (eg, economic woes, climate change, illness, pollution, politics), it is easy to lose our way and succumb to the toxicity of stress and depression.

Actually, there are many more positives within than negatives, and here is a way to make these known to your faithful unconscious mind – to really assume leadership in your life – by touching the positive experiences of the recent past and connecting them to the deepest level of your being. In this way you are setting your compass – and empowering the behaviors and experiences you want more of in your life.

So find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for ten minutes and recharge!


  1. Dr. Miller many thanks for the meditation. I met you many years ago at an Esalen class. You may remember me- I am a surfing instructor in Hermosa Beach, CA. I have now been teaching surfing for 23 years now! I will always remember your class, it has helped me for many, many years. I just finished obtaining a Masters degree in special education. Jay Vincent Ray

    • Thanks to you, Jay, as well. I am happy to hear of your completing your degree. Yours is a most important field, one in which new thinking is much needed. I wish you the best of luck and inspiration, and am happy that my work has helped you in some way.

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