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Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome you to our new, expanded website, DrMiller.com. Our intention is to provide a crucial link in the evolving information network dedicated to self-healing, wellness, success, and global transformation.

This portal to information, knowledge, and wisdom is the realization of a vision Dr. Miller has held for several decades. Here, at last, is a way for anyone, anywhere in the world, to discover the potential of self-healing and the potential for social transformation — and to order or download powerful guided imagery CDs, videos, and books.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, with techniques as subtle as meditation, guided imagery, prayer, and self-hypnosis, you can create profound changes in your health and your life — when you have the proper guidance in how to use them. DrMiller.com is designed to provide guidance in a very enjoyable way.

One important goal of DrMiller.com is to offer you an alternative to the incessant lies, hype, spin, and disinformation so ubiquitous in today’s world. The precarious situation of our world is echoed by the overstressed, overweight, sleep-deprived, and dysfunctional state of our individual health. Dr. Miller’s central thesis for more than 40 years is that our personal AND global illness is the result of our failure to understand and use our minds and emotions properly.

Our Best Hope

We are in need of help — individually and collectively. No rescue is going to come from “out there” — there is no Pill Fairy and no Superman. If we bring forth what is within us, what is within us will save us. If we do not bring forth what is within us, what is within us will destroy us.

In a world seemingly gone wild with corruption, conflict, and pollution, our best hope for achieving health, wellness, happiness, and success lies within ourselves. Through true Self-knowledge, along with the collaboration and support from our communities, we can reach high levels of wellness and performance.

Our intention is that DrMiller.com be part of your community, a trustworthy portal to information, knowledge, and wisdom. Information based on truth and wisdom is the most valuable tool in any physician’s healing armamentarium, at every level of the system — from person to planet.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Now, no matter who you are or where you are, you can begin to learn the amazing skills of focusing your mind, accessing your inner power, and harnessing stress and converting it to energy for optimal performance. When Dr. Miller introduced his mind-body approach to the fields of medicine and psychology in the 1970s, his vision was that these remarkable mental/emotional tools would be available to everyone, everywhere, who wish to recover from an illness or heal a disease or bring their best to life.

Dr. Emmett Miller, Guided Imagery, Meditation, & Self-Hypnosis MP3 Downloads, CDs, DVD, & Books

A Vision Realized

Now you can learn to transform your life, through the use of these powerful tools for self-healing, wellness, and peak performance. Through the dedicated work of Aeron Miller, Dr. Miller’s extraordinary General Manager daughter, and a dedicated and hard-working staff, DrMiller.com now offers you many different ways to discover the tools of Deep Healing: how to use the power of guided imagery to manage stress, achieve peak performance, and really be the person you want to be.


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