Awakening Leadership-Bringing Enlightenment into America’s corporations: A conversation with Alan Shelton [postponed]

**Due to a very sad technical issue, this show has been postponed… please stay tuned and we will let you know when it is available.   Thanks for your patience. 

Alan Shelton

Enlightened corporations? Is this an oxymoron or is it the shape of things to come?

According to Allen Shelton, author of Beyond Self Mastery, it is definitely the shape of things to come. In fact corporations are poised for a dramatic transformation. As a younger, more aware set of leaders take the reins of our companies, there is a new openness to ideas such as that of the triple bottom line – not merely profit, but equal weight given to people’s needs and those of the planet. Corporate social responsibility is an idea whose time has come.
Allen Shelton was once a corporate “bottom-line type,” when he began to feel the call to something more than financial and professional success. It took him deeper into his own psychology and eventually to the ancient teachings found in Indian Ashrams. What he discovered changed his life and many others as well. Trekking through his own life experiences as both a business leader and spiritual seeker, Allen invites us to explore our own deep restlessness, the beliefs that are driving it – and the transforming power of presence and service, to move us through and beyond it.
He now has the vicarious and interesting job of taking enlightenment into corporations. Interestingly, today’s corporations have figured out that their leaders and managers have to be more than simply cookie-cutter drones, that people who are passionate about their work, who know themselves at a deeper level, and who can relate with their teams in an empathic and responsive way rather than a rigid, reactive way, are much more effective.
In this stimulating conversation, Allen will share some of his personal experiences, and the ideas he is taking into the corridors of power in our nation. It is time to awaken the leader within you! And after listening, check out Dr. Miller’s Awakening the Leader Within.

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