Developing an Attitude of Gratitude [Article]

Gratitude (Gratefulness, Thankfulness, Appreciation)shutterstock_16278508

…is an emotion and an attitude towards life that has been shown to be important in healing the body and mind and is central to positive relationships and happiness itself. Although this has been recognized for centuries by many religions, it has been shown scientifically to produce these benefits only in the past few years.

Here we will explore the neurochemistry of emotion, how emotions produce filters that modify our experience and our behavior. You will see how emotions are at the basis of so much illness and unhappiness. The future is not some place you are going, it is a place you are creating. Gratitude allows you to create your future based on what actually exists, instead of trying to base the future on what you wish would have happened because it allows your mind to accept reality as an opportunity.

We discuss specific tools you can use to unlock the power of gratefulness, and to develop the Attitude of Gratitude. And here is a sample of the Attitude of Gratitude Guided Imagery Meditation.

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