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Attitudes, Emotions And Cancer [Mind Body Research]

Can Attitudes Cause Cancer?

In 1960 and ’61, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine classified over 3,000 men as Type A or Type B personalities. 22 years later, 186 had died of cancer. Of these, 112 were Type A, 74 were Type B.

After accounting for age, educational levels and smoking habits, researchers concluded that the incidence of death in Type A’s from other than lung cancer is 1 1/2 times that of Type B’s. Seeing life as a long series of challenges may weaken the immune system. Internal Medicine News, June 15, 1987.

Emotions Affect Immune Response To Cancer

In the mid 1970s, John Hopkins University researcher, Dr. Caroline Thomas, researched a group of more than 1300 medical students from John’s Hopkins. The group that reported they were more emotionally distant from one or both parents was shown to demonstrate, more than three decades later, an unusually high incidence of mental illness, suicide, and death from cancer.

Melanoma patients who get emotional support along with their regular therapy generated 60% more immune cells in seven weeks than a group receiving only therapy. (UCLA study reported, Wall Street Journal, 5/24/87).

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