Coronavirus: How to Dispel Fear and Resist Viral Infection (Free Heart-to-Heart Talk, Guided Imagery, & More)


Podcast: Play in new window This is a very troubling time for each of us as individuals, for our families, our nation and our world as a whole. Remember, you are not in this alone, we are in it together. At times like this it is also well to remember Weiji, the Chinese word and character for “crisis,” which is…

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The Secret Word (video)

In our last issue of Healing Times eNewsletter, for instance, we explored the Sufi story of “Khidr And The Secret Word by which All Might Be Accomplished.”  My experiences in my personal life, as well as those working in the healing arts, have led me to believe there is such a thing. Last month I mentioned that mindfulness has something…

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The Love Meditation


This imagery will guide you to experience your ability to feel the emotion of Love. You have felt love at certain times in your life, and it is the feeling you learned to feel during these times that are revived when you are touched by a beautiful love story, a romantic film that makes you cry, or touching family photos. The state one enters when feeling these emotions is ideal for creativity, play, healing, or peak performance.

STRESS AND HEALTH: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biological Determinants

This National Institutes of Health paper reviews many of the studies linking the stress response (and therefore our thoughts, beliefs, and emotional reactions) to a very wide range of physical illnesses. Many more studies have come out since its publication, but this is a useful review.

The Impact of Stress on Body Function: A Review

Stress can be either a triggering or aggravating factor for many diseases and pathological conditions. In this study, we have reviewed some of the major effects of stress on the primary physiological systems of humans.

Ram Dass: Remembrances of a Dear Friend


This year my experience is tempered by the sobering news of the passing of my old friend and fellow workshop leader, Ram Dass. Come with me on a trip down Memory Lane to revisit some of my personal experiences with this remarkable man: Remembrances of a Dear Friend, Ram Dass (listen to podcast).

Between Lives: A New Year’s Imagery on Letting Go


In our culture we would say that someone has “died”, but many sects of Buddhism would say that only the body dies, but that a deeper, more essential aspect of ourselves enters the “Bardo,” the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. In this state evaluate your…

Mindfulness and Your Mind: Step 1 (video and free meditation)


Our imagery this week will be an introduction to mindfulness meditation. In this video, excerpted from one of my professional trainings, I will share an important experience from my life, and then the mindfulness experience.

In this relaxed state the power of the imagery you hold in your mind is multiplied, as is the power of the words you say to yourself. Sometimes the changes come about so quickly, completely and permanently it’s almost as if the messages you are giving your mind, are magic words.

The Secret Word By Which All May Be Accomplished

This is the god Khidr, who was believed by the Sufis to be a righteous servant and messenger of God who possessed great wisdom. A well-known old Sufi story concerns the time that Khidr came to earth with the intention of teaching mankind the word by which all could be accomplished. As he was on his way into town (Sufis call…

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Creating Your Island of Peace Meditation


This FREE guided imagery experience is a perfect way to begin to learn to heal deeply. Because stress is such a…

The Infinite Power of Your Imagination

Human beings hold nature’s crowning achievement between our ears – the human brain. And to go along with it, the human imagination, the secret to all human creativity and production. 

Don’t Be A Dick, Be A Jane – A Conversation with Elisa Parker, Honoring International Women’s Day [Free Podcast]


This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Inspiring Change,” and in keeping with that, today’s guest is a superhero when it comes to inspiring women to discover their personal purpose and passion, and to bring that passion into action in the world. Elisa Parker is the co-founder, president & host of the award winning radio program, See Jane Do, and where she shares her wisdom, experience, and guidance serving women, social justice, and the environment.

Woman meditating on world peace

Global Peace Meditation [Preview]


The new year is a perfect time to take the time and discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love. In your heart is the future of our planet; learn how to empower your mental imagery to serve your most deeply held values.

Katie Carter

Surviving the Sugar Season: A Conversation with Katie Carter [Free Podcast]


With the holiday season come the parties and the delicious candies, cakes, pies, and other delicious sweets and Carbohydrates. Then come the extra pounds of weight, the internal inflammation, and the imbalance that they cause.

Learn more about Conversations with Extraordinary People

Conversations with Extraordinary People: Weekly Show with Dr. Emmett Miller

Join Dr. Miller for conversations with thought leaders, health and wellness experts, and global activist from a variety of fields. You will find valuable tools for healing at every level, from the personal to the planetary. With experts from fields ranging from science and medicine to philosophy and spirituality, Dr. Miller explores ancient wisdom, recent advances in transformational technology, practical tips for self-healing, and guidance for awakening your personal and collective wisdom.

Professional Consultations And Supervision

Consultations with Dr. Miller Enlist the expertise of a highly skilled therapist and mind-body specialist for consultation on your more difficult cases…without even leaving your office. Dr. Miller is available for phone, skype or office consultation to help you gain an additional perspective on a case you are treating in your practice. This may include assistance with mind-body diagnosis, analyzing…

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Obama Interview wins Emmett Miller Jr. prestigious Cronkite Award

Here I am the proud papa again! Our eldest son, Emmett Jr., has won another journalism award to add to his Emmys and his Associated Press Excellence in Journalism win. Now his interviews of Barack Obama and Herman Caine (Watch the videos here of Interview: Barack Obama & Emmett Miller and Herman Caine & Emmett Miller) have enabled the network…

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Stress, Guided Imagery, And Your Heart

Your Level of Stress a Better Predictor of Heart Disease Than Smoking or Diet During episodes of acute stress, stress hormones provide a protective function by activating the body’s defenses, but when these same protective hormones are produced repeatedly, or in excess, because of chronic stress, they create a gradual and steady cascade of harmful physiological changes. Higher levels of…

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Imagery And Anxiety Research

Treatment Of Anxiety: A Comparison Of The Usefulness Of Self Hypnosis And A Meditational Relaxation Technique. An overview. Benson H, Frankel FH, Apfel R, Daniels MD, Schniewind HE, Nemiah JC, Sifneos PE, Crassweller KD, Greenwood MM, Kotch JB, Arns PA, Rosner B. Abstract We have investigated prospectively the efficacy of two nonpharmacologic relaxation techniques in the therapy of anxiety. A…

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Surgery, Stress, Anxiety, and Healing Imagery

The Response to Surgery depends on mental factors             Surgical patients who listened to audio suggestions via headphones while under anesthesia in the operating room recovered from their surgery faster than those who underwent conventional recovery. Patients in the latest study underwent hysterectomies. During the procedure, they heard cassette recordings of suggestions such as, “How fast you recover…

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