Stress And Your Immune System

Even Minor Stresses Affect Immunity If Not Compensated For Researchers gave men an unfamiliar but harmless protein for two months and tracked the levels of antibodies. Based on three times a week reporting of moods, good moods corresponded to a better immune response, and relatively low antibody production corresponded with days these students felt that they were in a bad…

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Attitudes, Emotions And Cancer [Mind Body Research]

Can Attitudes Cause Cancer? Seeing life as a long series of challenges may weaken the immune system. Internal Medicine News, June 15, 1987. Emotions Affect Immune Response To Cancer.

Effects Of A Complimentary Cancer Therapy Program On Coping And Quality Of Life [Mind Body Research]

Programs using psychosocial intervention comprise a major portion of approaches intended to complement medical treatment of cancer. The effectiveness of such programs has been described as “equivocal”, and empirical studies are needed to establish benefits before they can be widely recommended.

Let the New Year Take Your Breath Away [Free Podcast]


Listen to this remarkable message (it ends with some very beautiful and insightful words), go where it takes you, and let me know what you think. Then, pass it on.

Healing Trauma and Treating PTSD – Recovering from the Newtown School Shooting and Preventing Another [Free Podcast]


In this podcast I will be sharing some suggestions of how you can:
1) Release and heal from any trauma you might feel in the wake of this tragedy.
2) Suggestions as to what you can do to answer deeper questions like: Why did this shooting happen? Why do these things continue to happen? And is there something that I can do about it?

What is an “Inner Leader”? [Video]

In this video Dr. Miller responds to the question, “what is an inner leader?” a concept he introduces in his book, “Our Culture on the Couch–7 Steps to Global Healing”. The most significant leader we find direction from is the leader within ourselves. It is important to learn to listen to the driving forces of our inner leaders whether it…

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Tom Atlee

Collective Intelligence – Conscious Evolution of a Sustainable World, Conversation with Tom Atlee [Free Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new windowThe term “co-intelligence” refers to a shared, integrated form of intelligence that we find in and around us when we’re most vibrantly alive. It is also found in cultures that sustain themselves harmoniously with nature and neighbor. 

Co-intelligence shows up whenever we pool our personal intelligences to produce results that are more insightful and powerful than…

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THRIVE – A Community Conversation and Screening – with Roger Strong and Reinette Senum


In this conversation we will examine how THRIVE challenges our usual worldview and probes deeply into the massive global consolidation of money and power we have been witnessing in nearly every aspect of our lives. Our guests believe that to successfully meet our current global challenges, it is essential that we ask hard questions, and that we find innovative solutions that go beyond just “Getting by.”

Love and Anger – The Strongest Emotions

Two of the most powerful emotions we can feel are love and anger, and they have a powerful effect on our health. Cultivating a love of life leads to the optimum state of health. Awakening the self-healer within depends on loving yourself, others, and the universe. Anger has a more complex role. I have found in my work that people…

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