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What’s next for us? A conversation with Dr. Len Saputo

In a KEST-AM 1450 interview, Dr. Len Saputo asked me a very important question: “How does humanity come to a higher level? What is next for us?” (for more information about Dr. Saputo click here) Click here or on the image below to view this 4 min video!

Why Don’t People Understand?

What is the matter with the people in this world? Why can’t they see the very obvious truth, that each of us has value, and that what we share in common with each other is so much greater in importance than the ways we happen to differ? With so many people pointing the way, why don’t they listen, and act…

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Awakening Consciousness: A Conversation with Arjuna Ardagh [Free Podcast]


This week’s guest is a man I first interviewed number of years ago on my Wisdom Network radio show. I found our conversation illuminating and profound, and promised to have him back. And here he is. I am sure you will find what he has to say informative, inspirational, and stimulating.