A Beacon of Love and Peace [Free Guided Imagery Meditation]

Meditation graphicEnjoy this guided imagery journey within to the source of light, an experience and reaffirmation of Love, and an opportunity to kindle compassion and joy and radiate peace and spirit to the world.

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A Beacon of Love and Peace Guided Imagery Meditation:



A Beacon of Love and Peace Guided Imagery Guided Imagery/Meditation Script:

Journey within

Come to your senses, and notice to what degree you are seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking about things in the external world.

As I count, relax and allow your senses to release any hold on the exterior, allow your awareness to come within.

Find a place in your heart and mind in which you feel stable, calm, peaceful, and loving. Use whatever spiritual, psychological, energetic, and physical tools or technique to help you accomplish this. Experience yourself being visited by those you love and have loved, and those who love you and have loved you. Be aware of what a gift love is. Feel it kindling warmth in your heart.

• Imagine as clearly and lovingly as you can, your connections to the rest of humanity, to the world of nature and the land, and to whatever spiritual forces and images of sacredness are meaningful to you. Feel those connections enhance your presence by enabling you to be part of a larger wholeness, one graced with compassion, love and an intelligent, wise awareness.
• Hold your sense of yourself within that enhanced presence and feel its energy go out to your immediate environment, connecting in loving ways with the specific world around you.

Imagine you are overflowing with this energy, that it radiates from you like a beautiful golden light, spreading out to all around you. Feel yourself respecting and honoring the light of those around you. And if you wish, imagine it spreads out from you and from your kindred spirits and loved ones, that it flows out to the community, and even planetwide, drawing together in peaceful collaboration, people who have been split apart by differences of race, politics, ethnicity, religion, geography.

Guided Meditation on Love imageAs you feel and see them, hold them in the grace of a loving, peaceful spirit, and imagine they discover peaceful ways to communicate with each other. And if there’s a specific area of conflict you wish to direct this energy towards, visualize that conflict dissolving into peace and agape – true love.

Now, as you gradually return your senses and awareness to the world around you, imagine that your very being radiates light, like a lighthouse, a beacon of stability, peace, calm, forgiveness, love, and compassion. Imagine waves of light and love spreading out and joining with the waves of other, similar, lighthouses – other people working to express peace, compassion and love in their lives. And as these waves connect, they are weaving a web of light that is spreading all around, empowering all of us, everywhere.

Imagery inspired by David Spangler

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