Because They Believed – A Conversation with Carolyn Voss [Free Podcast]


saputo bookThrough the study and the practice of hypnosis, autogenic training, prayer and meditation, Dr. Miller discovered a state of consciousness common to all these transformational techniques. He calls it the Healing State. The Healing State is usually characterized by a very profound inner sense of well-being and serenity; it is a state of Deep Relaxation. While in this state, the body’s stress load rather quickly diminishes; there is a profound sense of Self, a feeling of wholeness and balance, a sense of being in harmony with the universe. The Healing State is a place and time of utter silence, stillness, presence, relaxation and opening.Carolyn Voss is the founder and Managing Director of Post Impressions. With a degree in Fine Arts, she is an award winning photojournalist and video editor. Among her awards are: Emmy Award, Telly Award, New York Film Festival Awards, Videographers Awards of Distinction, Cine Golden Eagle Award, Aurora Award, Omni Intermedia Award and Pro Awards.

The trailer for “Because They Believed” was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France. She brings to the team the ability to combine script and editing in a manner that brings emotion of the subject in a stunning final product. She is also a proficient effects artist, creating stunning 2D/3D effects and compositing. When she’s not in the studio, she’s out crawling around in the jungles or steaming down a river looking for the next story.

Carolyn shared with us some of the unbelievable stories of the men and women she has researched and interviewed.

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Those in other fields (organizational development, sociobiology, ecology, climatology, leadership) were developing their respective instruments and tools (e.g., The World Cafe, Gather The Women, Peak Moment TV, People’s Pharmacy) His relationships with this extraordinary cadre have developed through the decades, as they supported one another in the evolution of their collective intelligence and collective wisdom.

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