Most Requested Event Topics

Our Most Requested Presentation Topics

Some sample titles of Dr. Miller’s most requested workshops and trainings. All include many beautiful and instructive photographic and video images as well as experiential portions utilizing deep relaxation/meditation, mental imagery, and cognitive restructuring tools.  (Please check out our presentation format options page…coming soon)

Heal Your Body/Conquer Stress:

We begin by examining the fundamental cause of human illness, anxiety, and habitual dysfunctions. Next, how our minds make us sick, how to create the Healing/Creative state, and how to use relaxed intention to focus your attention (Selective Awareness), relax into meditation, and use Guided Imagery to heal and create success.

Balance Mind and Emotions:

We explore the secret of healing and personal power, balance (homeostasis), and how the mind and emotions create it, how to restore balance among the emotions, how to balance the two primal forces of the mind/brain, and how to use mind and emotions to create your desired future of health and peak performance.

Becoming the Change: How to Change Your Habits & Behaviors:

Understand the true nature of addiction – and how we’re all addicted. Learn to use the Master Skill, Mental Image Visualization, to focus emotional energy, and transform your behaviors. Empowering your Self to take charge of your body and your world.

Heal Your Relationships – The Magic and Power of Harmony:

We examine the elemental force, Love, and how the healing of relationships is merely an extension of one’s inner healing. Learn to achieve fulfillment, satisfaction, balance and power in all your relationships.

Nurture Your Spirit:

An exploration of the central role of the spiritual dimension in everyone’s life, how each of us has a unique spiritual vision, how to clearly distinguish between the superficial and the essential, and how to allow yourself to be guided and empowered by that Essence. Spiritually rich and moving.

Peak Performance – Awakening the Leader Within:

(Re)discover your personal Purpose, how to create those conversations and events in your life that lead to personal success and effective participation in collective enterprises. Learn the meditation, focus, and mental imagery techniques used by so many athletes, socially effective people, and team leaders.

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Additional Presentation Options

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Awakening the Healer Within
Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet -Multimedia Presentation
Self-Esteem, Spirit, and Healing
Self-Esteem, Key to Healing and Growth
Stress, Wellness, and Personal Excellence
Stressfitness -Harnessing Stress Energy for Wellness and Peak Performance
A Celebration of Life, Imagery, Music and Movement
Personal Excellence: Spirit In Action
Finding Serenity: Choosing the Possible You. Relaxation and Visualization Experiences for Recovery
You Deserve To Be Slim -Visualization, Self-Esteem And Your Body
Harnessing Stress for Peak Performance
Mindfulness: Living in the Moment/ Staying Present
The Heart of Hypnosis (Parts I, II, and III)
Deep Relaxation and Mindfulness
The Magic of Self-Talk
The Miracle of Believing
Changing Behaviors
Guided Imagery
Healing the Heart
Beyond Emotional Intelligence
Healing the Healer
Deep Healing, The Master Skill
A Celebration of Life -Movement, Music, and Inner Experiences of Joy

Descriptions of Selected Presentations:

1. Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/body Medicine

Deep Healing is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation toward a personal vision of wholeness, joy and love. This can occur only on a base of congruence, integrity and rich, passionate, fulfilling experiences in the world. The information age has brought the tools and techniques we need here to our doorstep; it is now our turn to evoke a Spirit worth guiding their use. Dr. Miller will share the experience and awe of his 25 years of clinical and personal practice and learning. Come and explore, experientially, the principles of personal transformation and Deep Healing.

2. Awakening the Healer Within

During recent years we have become more aware of the vast resources within each individual that may work for or against the healing, the achievement of wholeness. In this highly experiential seminar, Dr. Miller will explore the principles of self-healing, current findings in psychoneuroimmunology (the effect of thoughts on the immune system), and the process through which thoughts and images become biochemistry. You will learn the use of imagery and meditation for deep relaxation, for transforming tension, spasm, and anxiety and for bringing the spiritual perspective into the healing process, including the use of the techniques of image rehearsal and Selective Awareness. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and in relationship to significant others.

This workshop is an experiential introduction to both the why and the how of tapping these inner resources for awakening, promoting and supporting the healing process, including:

      • The psychoneurophysiology of self-healing -how the mind (psyche) influences the brain and nervous system (neuro) to produce health or illness in the body (physiology).
      • How the application of these principles can contribute to the healing of the family, the community and the planet.
      • Guiding your awareness, producing healthy images, facilitating healthy states of mind/body/behavior.
      • A basic approach that will facilitate:
      • Resolution of physical problems,
      • Development of desirable behavior patterns,
      • The creation of a healthy, fulfilling emotional life,
      • Clear thinking, creativity, and loving relationships and personal success.

3. Stress, Wellness and Personal Excellence

Most of us realize that 95 percent of our physical illnesses (from colds and allergies to cancer), undesirable habit patterns (from overeating to alcoholism), emotional and relationship problems and blocks to our creativity are the direct result of our self image, our attitudes and our lifestyle, and are thus preventable. The key to their prevention (or cure) lies in two extremely powerful concepts:

      • Achieving high level wellness
      • Harnessing stress energy for personal excellence.

Although elegantly simple, these concepts are generally poorly understood because they represent a completely new way of thinking. In this highly experiential course you will learn techniques for:

      • Entering the state of Deep Relaxation and using Guided Imagery.
      • Integrating the principles of wellness and stress management into your life.
      • Designing a life of success, satisfaction and fulfillment.
      • Developing a self image which expresses your deeper values and personal mission.
      • Enhancing self-image and self-esteem.

4. Self-esteem -Key to Healing and Growth

Self-esteem is the essence of personal growth -it is the secret fuel used by peak performers and the mystical force underlying the healing process. There is a difference between the self-efficacy sought after by the petty, striving self and the authentic empowerment of the deeper Self. The power of true Self-esteem is revealed when Self-respect, Self-confidence and Self-expression are discovered and nurtured.

Your deeper self can be a guide to your deeper values and your unique mission in life -to that way of being and doing that can bring you the only authentic satisfaction and real fulfillment that is possible.

In this course, we will explore the scope of Self-esteem from its spiritual basis to its potential for global change. Through deep imagery experiences, we will chart the pathway to essence (“I Am“) and invite your inner healer to awaken (“I Can“).

5. Stressfitness -Harnessing Stress Energy for Wellness and Peak Performance

Would you like to look and feel better, have more energy and eliminate diseases and unwanted habits? At this seminar you will learn tools to do just that. And you will learn to use these same tools to help you achieve personal excellence at work and at play.

The hidden energy source that can unlock this potential is something you have probably been trying to avoid -Stress! Approaches to managing stress you have tried in the past have failed or been only partly successful because they treat only symptoms -the headache, the anxiety, the overweight, the lack of exercise. Dr. Miller’s approach, going to the source, not the symptom, means developing Stressfitness.

The key to harnessing the energy of stress and making it work for you is your perspective, “What you view determines what you do. In this seminar you will learn to:

  • relax yourself completely, with the techniques that have made Dr. Miller’s recordings the first choice of medical professionals throughout the country,
  • use imagery and affirmations to facilitate your healing and personal change,
  • develop an awareness of your personal mission,
  • use visioning techniques to transform your stress into high energy fuel to accomplish your goals,
  • go beyond mere stress reduction to high level wellness, stressfitness and peak performance

And come prepared for a relaxing weekend that is as enjoyable as it is useful. Expect deeply moving experiences, and a lively, intelligent, passionate delivery style.

6. Personal Excellence: Spirit In Action

This highly experiential intensive offers a stimulating practical, enjoyable way to approach the challenge that faces each of us, and those we serve -how to create a life worth living.

Personal Excellence means: effectively and efficiently accomplishing goals that have heart and meaning (healing, growth, optimal performance, happiness); with a rich, inner sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and enthusiasm; while acting in harmony with your most deeply held values and purpose.

Explore ways to discover and know your deeper Self -to achieve acceptance, respect, appreciation, and, finally, love of that deeper essence that is truly You. This deeper Self now becomes a guide to your core values and your unique mission in life -that way of being and doing that brings real happiness. An excellent adjunct to the principles and perspectives presented in the Personal Excellence series.

7. A Celebration of Life, Imagery, Music and Movement

Combining his experience in Tai-Chi and Aikido, Deep Relaxation, Imagery, Music and Movement Therapy, Dr. Miller guides the group in weaving a rich tapestry of experience.

Beginning with centering and grounding experiences to experience connection with the earth we will then learn to enter a deeply relaxed state there to experience our essence -the place of “I Am”. Beautiful music and song then nurture this pulse of life within. Through gentle, centered movement, we share this experience with all the cells of our bodies and to come into gentle relationship with the world as our true Selves.

Through the use of evocative technologies such as guided imagery we explore, appreciate, identify the power of spirit that flows through us and open channels so this spirit is expressed in each thought, word and deed.

In touch with our values and personal purpose we begin to evolve a vision of our healthy Selves and through the gradually increasing tempo and energy of music begin to develop a dance, a way of being and moving through the world that is honest, integral, whole and uniquely personal.

Each of us is a singer and dancer and musician. Each sound we make is part of our music, each word part of our song, and each movement part of our dance. It could be no other way. What we can choose, however is the quality of our dance, the meaning of our song.

In this workshop learn to find the seed of our essence and to nurture that seed, to learn to express, to give ourselves permission to express ourselves with an unparalleled integrity and wholeness in the moment, with ourselves, with others, and into the future.

When we surrender to truth, and thus accept ourselves as we are, we become attuned to our inner rhythms and discover that they reflect the rhythms of the world around us. The result can be a beautiful and pleasurable dance with our loved ones, and harmony in every phase of our lives. Excellence appears in our every endeavor and we radiate a sense of peace, which empowers others to accept themselves. Our every word and action thus contributes to our own growth and betterment as well as that of our fellow human beings and the peace and wholeness of our planet.

8. You Deserve To Be Slim -Visualization, Self-Esteem And Your Body

From the purely physical perspective, weight loss is not such a big problem. Stay on the right diet and get the proper exercise and your goals will be achieved.

The mental and emotional aspects of weight loss are a good deal more complicated, however. The inability to go on a diet, stay on a diet, or maintain the weight loss after it is achieved are highly dependent upon your inner image.

The image of yourself that is held deep in your subconscious mind serves as the model for the body you will have. The food you eat, whether or not you select a healthy diet, whether the weight will come off, whether it will stay off all depend upon this image.

This image is made up not only of the physical characteristics of your body, but also your emotions and your behaviors -including your eating behavior.

Deep relaxation and imagery (visualization) is one of the most powerful techniques available for making profound changes in your self-image, your behavior and your body.

In this highly entertaining, informative and experiential presentation, Dr. Miller will introduce the use of visualization (deep relaxation and imagery), a most powerful set of techniques for self-programming a positive image, developing positive eating behaviors and reinforcing self-esteem. Expect to leave relaxed, feeling positive and possessing some highly useful and effective techniques for changing your mind and changing your life.

9. Finding Serenity: Choosing the Possible You. Relaxation and Visualization Experiences for Recovery

Deep relaxation, imagery and the ability to use Selective Awareness principles are of extraordinary benefit at all stages of recovery. In this talk, Dr. Miller explores the meaning of dependency, co-dependency and recovery.

Also, the central importance of self-esteem in full recovery. In addition, you will learn to use deep relaxation and imagery to produce your own inner serenity, to empower yourself, to let go of unwanted habits and patterns, and to create the future you most desire.

10. Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet

After an introduction to how our images, attitudes and beliefs create our reality, and how our individual realities are creating the world around us, Dr. Miller presents a twenty-five minute multi-media slide/sound show he created. The show evokes strong feelings of wellbeing, confidence and community, which extends through all human beings and all of nature. Further, it evokes positive images of how we as individuals and as a group of living beings can positively change our world. Healing ourselves and healing our planet at the same time. (Suggested absolute minimum of one hour. Two or more hours highly suggested.)

11. Self-Esteem, Spirit, and Healing

At our essence is a divine “knower”, healer and guide. Invalidated and injured by family and environment, this “wounded child” retreats, blocking its wisdom and healing.

  • Through deep relaxation, imagery and self-exploration we will evoke and nurture this essence (I Am), open the door to self-acceptance, self-healing, and true spirituality.
  • explore how beliefs and images become physical events in the body, and
  • learn tools for attaining integrity and congruence -within inner thoughts and feelings, and in relationship to others and the world.



12.The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing: Level I – A Professional Training, on DVD

This beautifully produced set of three DVDs is as relaxing and entertaining to watch, as it is intellectually illuminating. It was recorded at a live workshop and is enhanced with music and stunning visuals. You will learn an extraordinary set of clinical skills and a unique theoretical perspective that seamlessly weaves mental, physical, and emotional factors with a non-denominational spirituality to yield a therapeutic modality of unparalleled power and efficacy.

3. The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing Level 2

A practical and experiential advanced Professional Training in the Art and Science of Hypnotherapy

Deep Healing: focuses on nurturing the positive, healthy Self – a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation toward healing, wholeness, joy and love. The study and mastery of clinical hypnosis provides the practitioner with an extraordinary set of powerful and fascinating tools for enhancing communication and therapy, permitting rapid access to deep levels of consciousness and profound psychophysiological healing. These perspectives and techniques will prove to be useful adjuncts to your primary practice, and are especially valuable to psychotherapists.

The Miller Approach – Clinical Hypnosis:

The hypnotherapeutic relationship, in its most elegant form, resembles an exquisite dance involving mind, body, emotion, and spirit of both participants, a partnership through which both the guide and the subject are changed -each is part of the experience and grows through it. Thus an important part of the training is your experience of therapeutic states; expect to leave the workshop feeling relaxed, rested, and in possession of new avenues for your growth, personally and professionally.

In this Training, you will advance your skill in producing and entering complementary states of focused concentration through the selective use of words and imagery, tone and timbre of voice, movement, and mirroring, pacing, and leading techniques. You will learn more pathways to facilitate your clients/patients in removing barriers to transformation, and in accessing their own inner potentials for deep healing and peak performance. You will be challenged to open ever more deeply to your inner Self, and to function at an ever higher level of integrity. Even seasoned hypnotherapists find Dr. Miller’s unique perspective and approach reinvigorating to both their practice and themselves. And those who have previously trained with Dr. Miller will find a new training, informed and deepened by his recent personal and clinical experiences.

Partial Syllabus:

We will begin with a review, practice and deepening of the principles, theories, skills, and perspectives developed in Level 1, then go on to explore various approaches to inducing and deepening the trance state. Ample opportunity will be provided for hands-on experience with other members of the class and/or demonstration subjects. Additional material covered will be drawn from the following topics: Principles of Healing, Growth, and Performance, Selective Awareness Exploration, Waking Hypnosis, Teaching Self-Hypnosis, Reframing, Rapport Building, and others. The depth we go into each will be determined by the interest of the group. See below for additional syllabus material.

Emmett Miller, M.D. was instrumental in bringing widespread use of hypnotherapy to practitioners in Northern California in the 70s, and integrated the techniques of hypnosis, meditation, traditional medicine and psychotherapy to help create what came to be known as the “Holistic” approach. Physician, mathematician, musician, and storyteller, he has been on the forefront of Mind/Body Medicine and Psychology for more than three decades and has received wide acclaim for his innovative, powerful, client-centered, healing approach. His work has transformed hypnosis into a more humanistic, compassionate, and participative exploration based on a Self-esteem, Deep Healing metamodel. He has been acclaimed for his invention of the first deep relaxation-imagery-meditation cassettes, which have remained the choice of professionals for more than 25 years – and are now available as CDs. Meet Dr. Miller


Physicians, Dentists, Psychologists, MFCCs, MSWs, other health and helping professionals legally entitled to use Hypnosis in their practice. Nonprofessional auditors may apply to Dr. Miller for permission.

Prerequisites for attending the Level II training include the completion of the Level I training or equivalent. Those who have not taken Level I, or have received training in hypnosis elsewhere, will be individually considered for admission by Dr. Miller. The Level I requirement may also be met by purchasing and studying the Level I Training on DVD. Those who have not studied with Dr. Miller are advised to take the DVD course, as it will acquaint you with Dr. Miller’s approach and nomenclature. With permission, experienced clinicians may substitute the DVD course for other training. All applications are subject to instructor approval.

To Apply:

Send via email-, fax-530 478-0160, or mail-PO Box 803, Nevada City, CA 95959 : Name, Address, Phone #, email. Education, Degrees, Other Training, Licenses, Present Practice and we will let you know when the next training is scheduled!

Also please provide answers to the following question: What specific issues, techniques, and approaches would you like addressed in this training?

Level II Syllabus: Goals of Training:

      • Create an environment that will support and encourage positive, healing change:
          • Within you and within me.
          • Within our families, our relationships, our community.
          • Within the nation, planet, solar system, universe.
      • Learn how to create the kind of space where positive change and healing can occur.
      • Examine growing-edge ideas on therapy and healing.
      • Discover ourselves and to expand to play a more powerful role in the healing of systems -personal, family, organization, community.
      • Learn the basic steps (the Selective Awareness algorithm) in human change and how to apply them.
      • Explore new definitions, perspectives, and ways of entering and experiencing various forms and levels of consciousness.
      • Clarify personal values, mission, purpose, and vision in life, and to initiate and support movement in this direction.
      • Enjoy learning, sharing, interacting, and becoming more deeply acquainted with Self.
      • Learning specific skills:
          • Reframing
          • Exploration
          • Peak Performance Programming
          • Therapeutic relationship development
          • Rapport and acceptance of suggestion development
          • Linguistic maneuvers
          • Accessing and developing spiritual resources
          • Psychophysiological Healing
          • Rapid reinduction techniques
          • Use of Self-esteem based reframing techniques
          • A treatment system based on Hypnotherapeutic principles