Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions

1. What is Stress? How does it create Illness in the Body? How can we harness stress energy for health, wellness and success?

2.Why is the mind our most powerful tool for healing and transformation? In what way are emotions our most powerful allies, and how can we use our minds to balance them and guide their healing power?

3. What is the true source of our bad habits, addictions, and sub-par behaviors – and how can we use mind tools to change them?

4. What are the secrets used by peak performers and top leaders, and how can they be applied so we can bring our best to life?

5. What is the spiritual level, how can we access its power, and how can we use its wisdom and inspiration to transform every level of our lives?

6. What are the characteristics of a high performing, effective, and loving relationship, and how can we build them into all our relationships?

7. What led you to pioneer the development of a new approach to medicine, the Holistic approach, the mental tools of Mind-Body Medicine, and the first guided imagery recordings?

8. What are the basic steps in healing at the physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, and relationship levels?

9. What is the Old Paradigm, what is the New Paradigm? Why do you say that Violence is at the core of all our problems and illnesses and that Love is the healing power?

10. What is the best thing we can do at this moment to quicken the healing process – at whatever level, from the personal to the planetary?