Awakening The Healer Within (MP3 Download)

In this eloquent and informative live presentation by Dr. Miller, you will learn to understand and apply the most fundamental tools of mindfulness and self-healing. Healing is a word derived from the same Sanskrit root as hale, whole, and hearty. Healing is the process of becoming whole and balanced, mentally, physically, emotionally, and in relationship to the world.

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This classic Heart-to-Heart talk can be enjoyed anywhere. This is an inspiring exploration that will reveal to you how your mind can influence the normally involuntary processes of your body, and give you practical tools for guiding and balancing your thoughts, mental images, and emotions. As you will discover, this will have a profound effect on your healing - at every level.

Focusing The Power Of Your Mind
Whatever your health issues or illness may be, these mind–tools will help. In some cases, drugs, surgery or other support may be important, but as ancient wisdom and modern science have taught us, the real key to your healing is reducing and managing systemic stressors, freeing yourself from unnecessary distractions, and concentrating your vital force on the restoration of wholeness and balance.

To have maximum impact on guiding your body to health, wellness, and peak performance, you need skills, as well as knowledge. In this heart–to– talk, Dr. Miller will teach you those vital skills mindfully. You can consider this as software for your mind.

Taking these few short but very enjoyable minutes can be crucial to your rapid recovery, whether you are healing from cancer, a broken leg, or a broken heart.

Contents – Track Information (Drivetime)
CD 1
-A different approach to disease – Reawakening true Self-esteem and optimal health – Stress and the role of your mind in healing and fighting disease, the use of guided imagery, the experience of positive self–imagery, your emotions and your immune system, and an anti-–cancer or self-healing guided imagery experience.

CD 2 - The role of faith – Hopelessness, helplessness and the depression of immune function – The role of healthy feelings – The importance of expressing feelings – The “cancer personality” – Taking charge of your life.

The purpose of this program is to:

Reveal a set of self-healing tools that are based on solid science.
Present a new way of looking at health, a systematic approach; you'll learn to see health as a verb, not a noun.
Enable you to see your illness or disease as a teacher, bringing messages to guide your personal growth.
Explore the relationship between lifestyle, self–image, and chronic or life–threatening illness.
Develop the ability to use relaxation for your healing and for maintaining a high quality of life, even during medical treatment.
Understand the relationship between your emotions and your immune system, and how to counteract the negative effects of anger and depression.
Review some of the basic studies in psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and how they can empower patients and their families to confront serious illness with the attitudes that are most likely to improve survival and quality of life.
Learn several different guided imagery approaches to stress reduction and deep healing.

How It Works
This program was recorded live during Dr. Emmett Miller’s 1986 lectures at the Cancer Support and Education Center, in Menlo Park, CA. Because this lecture was delivered in this setting, most of the examples are presented with reference to how they apply to cancer, but the principles presented are true and applicable for a wide variety of cases and for the healing of many acute and chronic conditions. Now, nearly 20 years later, they are beginning to be taught in the most advanced programs of medical education.

Dr. Miller opens with a short meditation for coming into the present moment, coming to our senses. Next, Dr. Miller describes a bit of his own path, and what led him to become a pioneer in what was then the new field of mind-body medicine, and to be the co–founder of The Cancer Support and Education Center, the first ever program teaching patients and their families how to support each other and confront cancer, and training interns from around the world. Today, virtually all hospitals and healing centers offer such patient support groups–but few, if any, offer complete and powerful program as the one taught at this center.

Next, you will learn about your inner healer, how to use selective awareness to overcome distractions, and how to enter the state of deep relaxation through a guided meditation. Your thoughts and the images they create are basic as to how you will experience the world. You will discover, experientially, how your thoughts create your experience. The next guided meditation will show you how to create a safe place of peace, calm and serenity in the center of your being.

You will see what “learned helplessness” is, and the some of the studies that show how learned helplessness can affect not only our emotions, but also significantly impact our bodies. Dr. Miller then presents basic theories about exactly how something as flimsy and evanescent as thoughts can be converted to chemicals, neural impulses, and physical change in the body--in other words the true meaning of “mind over matter.” You'll then learn the power of having an image to magnetize your nervous system and your body into creating your future self physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. Miller then presents his theories about true self–esteem, and how your attitude about yourself can be demonstrated to make the difference between life and death. You will then be guided in an experience of the deepest part of yourself and a reinforcement of your image ideal.

The best computer in the world is of no use if you don't know or how to operate it. In fact, there is a part of your mind that functions similarly to a computer, yet is far more powerful than any as yet manufactured. In a similar fashion, until you have learned these simple self–programming techniques you will find it difficult if not possible to intentionally use the immense power that you have within. The lessons presented in this program, when learned and incorporated into your life through the tools provided, provide you with the most fundamental and most valuable of mind–tools for taking charge of your healing and your life.

Recommended Applications
People who have chronic diseases or health problems, as well as their families and friends (support system);
Health professionals and wellness practitioners;
People with chronic conditions including (but not limited to)
musculoskeletal/muscle spasm problems (headaches, backaches, hypertension, and gastrointestinal problems)
immune system disorders including allergies and autoimmune diseases; people with inflammatory conditions;
People who simply want to preserve their health and understand the general principles of holistic mind-body medicine;
People who want to understand more about interrelationships between their self-image, social behavior, stress levels and physical health.

Important information and Contraindications
Although there are really no absolute contraindications for the use of this product, people who are severely psychotic or who do not want to at least try to follow the guidance offered will probably benefit little from listening. Listening is also not a substitute for needed medical care or psychiatric care for serious mental or emotional disturbance. In any undiagnosed potentially serious condition such as a head injury, again, there will not likely be any harm, but it would be wise to delay their use until an adequate diagnosis has been made.
Although no such problems have been reported, people with seizures of any kind, or neurological or with severe neurorespiratory disease, should check with their primary care practitioner for suggestions regarding the use of this program. Likewise, if you are undergoing psychotherapy, share your use of these with your therapist, as he/she may want to integrate this use with your treatment.
And, of course, if you are driving or using equipment that requires your full attention, do not close your eyes and do not listen to any program that you find causes you to become drowsy, distracted, or incapable of functioning safely. Programs designated as “Drivetime” should be used with these precautions in mind.

Detailed Description of Exercises:
(or How to use)
“Awakening the Healer Within” is a complete course, and, since the principles and practices it teaches are unfamiliar to most people, it generally takes several listenings to get the most out of the program. This must then be followed by followed by frequent, daily if possible, practice, using at least one of the deep relaxation and guided imagery experiences offered here. As an alternative you may choose to practice regularly using one of the other products mentioned below--perhaps “Letting Go of Stress” or “I Am.”

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