Escape From Depression (MP3 Download)


Escape From Depression

Heal naturally from your depressed feelings, and begin to deal with their true causes.


This 2 part program may be helpful, even crucial, in every form of depression. It weaves vital information based on clinical experience and the latest neuropsychiatric research with powerful self-healing tools like cognitive-behavioral self-therapy, meditation, deep relaxation, self-imagery, self-hypnosis, autogenic training, and prayer.


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The purpose of Escape From Depression is to help you heal naturally from depressed feelings and to deal with their true causes. As you use the tools of deep relaxation and Selective Awareness, you can take charge of and change the flow of your thoughts. Guiding those thoughts into the present moment – the all-powerful Now – you relieve the systemic stress. This creates an emotional and physiological state that permits the natural chemical processes of your body to metabolize cortisol and other chemicals of depression and stress.

Having taken charge of your thoughts by guiding your awareness and coming into the present, you now begin to use the tools of Self-hypnosis to focus on what brings you serenity and to write a new script for your mind. You literally rewire your brain – reprogram it – and refocus your mind on what brings you serenity, potency, and positive expectations of the future. As a treatment for depression, this can work wonders.


Track Information:

Part 1 offers a new perspective on the mechanism of depression, delivered in the form of a Heart to Heart talk. In it, Dr. Miller explains depression as the state of being cut off from your spirit or heart, what has meaning for you. It is a kind of learned helplessness, based on a belief in loss and a failure to grieve properly. But because it is learned, depression can be unlearned. You can change your thinking by coming into the present.

Track 1: Emotions, The Stages of Loss, and the True Cause of Depression
You will learn the role of stress, how it can trigger sadness, and why it is healthy to experience the stages of loss that lead to healing. Depression occurs when something blocks the normal healing process following a perceived loss.

Track 2: Are You Depressed – the Biochemistry of Depression 
Here you will learn the signs of depression and the symptoms of depression and the chemical changes that go along with them.

Track 3: How to Overcome Learned Helplessness and Heal Your Depression
The hallmarks of depression are helplessness and hopelessness, feelings that have been learned through your contact with the world; here’s how to unlearn them and give yourself the hope that heals.

Track 4: Changing Depressive Behavior and Accessing the Power of Now
It is our memories of the past and our expectations of the future that give rise to depression. As Shakespeare said: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Here is how to free yourself from the chains of the past and future and escape into the healing of Now

Track 5: The Role of Music and Spirit in Healing Depression
Your daily activities can support your healing, or they can inhibit it. This track shows you how to use your daily activities to support positive change and recovery.

Track 6: Additional Materials for Healing from Depression


Part 2 Offers the active ingredient, Software for the Mind, a graduated series of guided imagery experiences (4 in all). Each is designed to build on the previous track. The guided imagery provides you with the tools to rescript your deeper mind, your nervous system, your emotions, and your body.

Track 1: Entering the Here and Now
Beautiful music and Dr. Miller’s calming and inspiring voice guides you to enter a place of deep relaxation. Learn to clear your mind of distractions, memories, and thoughts to arrive at a clear experience of the present moment.

Track 2: Thought Karate
A powerful way to use every breath to become centered. Align with your deepest self, the source of your life and being, and be able to project this feeling forward, so it is accessible any time.

Track 3: Empowerment
Contact your inner essence and spirit
, a place where you are deeply touched or moved, loved, connected, inspired. Access your ability to bring this back with you for everyday challenges.

Track 4: Creating a Positive Future
You will learn to acknowledge your power over feelings and strengthen the belief that you have the ability to create whatever future you wish. Through imagery, you will create, and then empower the future you really desire, experiencing yourself healthy, creative, and joyful.

Track 5: How To Use Escape From Depression Effectively
Important instructions for using this Program and Other Programs for further Study and Growth.


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