Optimal Performance (MP3 Download)

Learn the “master skill” of peak performance, applicable to any area of life: athletic competition, stage or musical performance, sales, communication, etc. Achieve your ultimate goals by carefully reconstructing an image of your personal best, then projecting an even higher level of performance into the future. Two relaxing, yet stimulating and empowering experiences.

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Based on over fifteen years of research and clinical experience, this program will teach you simple, powerful methods for achieving success and fulfillment. Before the important meeting, the test, the race, or any challenge requiring high performance, you will be able to access your power using your own key.

Track 1, Accessing Your Power – You Can Do It! – You will learn to use the techniques of Selective Awareness to remove typical tensions and distractions and to develop your power to focus and concentrate.

Before starting this program, it is vital for you to decide in what area of your life you wish to perform optimally. Then search back in your memory for a specific event in your past where you feel that you performed really well. The memory should be of an activity as close as possible to the one you are working towards. Remember, the closer the memory to the upcoming event, the better. Another option is to visualize someone else who is a high performer in the chosen area –a role model. The idea is to create a mental model that your “biocomputer” (your brain) can identify with and use to program your mind and body.
This image will be linked to a signal that you can use as an accessing key to unlock your hidden resources. Use this track several times each week for several weeks prior to a major event to make contact with the power and energy you have inside.

Track 2. Self-Programming Success – Go For It! – You now have the image of success you developed in Part 1 and are aware of how you would like to perform in a specific upcoming event. Most people will find it useful to have the details of the desired performance available at the conscious, intellectual level of the mind before beginning this experience. The Optimal Performance “accessing key” you have developed will now be used to project the essence of your past success forward into your future event.

Flute: Bettine Clemen Ware; Guitar: Richard Patterson

Would you prefer to purchase the CD? Click Here (opens link in new tab)