Stress Fitness Vol. 1 (MP3 Download)

A new way to look at stress…and How to stay healthy under pressure.

StressFitness, Vol. I presents Dr. Emmett Miller in a stimulating conversational format, sharing the insights from his pioneering work in stress management. In Heart-to-Heart style, he provides an understandable explanation of how stress functions in your life. Learn why the skills of Selective Awareness have life-long value for managing stress, relieving pain and other symptoms, healing and recovery. You can change unwanted habits and foster true self-esteem.


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The information on this CD is highly condensed and should result in a significantly different understanding of life’s challenges when used two to four times within two weeks and periodically thereafter, as a refresher.

StressFitness, Vol. II is a companion CD to this one; it includes Stress Addiction and Dependency, and Harnessing Stress for Peak Performance.


Part A- Keys to Stress Mastery: Discovering the Hidden Power of Selective Awareness.

In delightful, amusing, and storytelling style, Dr. Miller reveals the role and function of stress in your life. Proper awareness and response to stress can prevent the drain of your “reservoir” of adaptability. By using the techniques of Selective Awareness, the stressors in your life can be identified and your Adaptive Potential revitalized.


Part B - Stress and Your Body - How to Stay Healthy Under Pressure

In Part B, Dr. Miller shares his understanding of the fundamental metabolic processes, anabolism and catabolism, and how stress wither supports us or harms us through shifting these processes within the body. Ultimately, you will learn how to guide your stress so you can get rid of the things you don’t want and build toward the things you do want.

Most people’s understanding of stress is based on reading a few short articles in Time or Newsweek magazine, on marketing hype by a vitamin salesman, or on a simplistic book written for the masses. Dr. Miller’s CDs and tapes, together with his book, Deep Healing, provide a profoundly full and thorough way to understand stress better than most physicians, and at the same time, a way of learning that will permit you to actually impact your stress. You will learn the six steps to StressFitness: Mind Focus, Awareness of Self-talk, Skills of Deep Relaxation, Self-confidence through Mental Imagery, Learning Self-affirmation, and Keeping a Personal Health Journal.

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