The Love Meditation


This imagery will guide you to experience your ability to feel the emotion of Love. You have felt love at certain times in your life, and it is the feeling you learned to feel during these times that are revived when you are touched by a beautiful love story, a romantic film that makes you cry, or touching family photos. The state one enters when feeling these emotions is ideal for creativity, play, healing, or peak performance. Continue reading

Between Lives: A New Year’s Imagery on Letting Go


In our culture we would say that someone has “died”, but many sects of Buddhism would say that only the body dies, but that a deeper, more essential aspect of ourselves enters the “Bardo,” the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. In this state evaluate your… Continue reading

Mindfulness and Your Mind: Step 1 (video and free meditation)


Our imagery this week will be an introduction to mindfulness meditation. In this video, excerpted from one of my professional trainings, I will share an important experience from my life, and then the mindfulness experience.

In this relaxed state the power of the imagery you hold in your mind is multiplied, as is the power of the words you say to yourself. Sometimes the changes come about so quickly, completely and permanently it’s almost as if the messages you are giving your mind, are magic words. Continue reading

Creating Your Island of Peace Meditation


This FREE guided imagery experience is a perfect way to begin to learn to heal deeply. Because stress is such a… Continue reading


The Magic of Silence – a Conversation with ex-Carmelite Nun Kimberly Braun


In this conversation with Kimberly Braun, you will learn about the profoundly positive role that silence can play in your life if you tune in to it! Continue reading


Spontaneous Violence and The Hero Project – a Conversation with Dr. Phil Zimbardo


Podcast: Play in new windowDr. Zimbardo became world famous as a result of his startling “Stanford Prison Experiment,” in which he randomly assigned psychologically normal college students to play the role of either prisoners or guards. Within a few days the two groups became more and more violent with each other – so much so that it became necessary to…

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Larger Than Life, Liberal Arts Education and Global Leadership in the New Millennium – Emmet Miller MD Explores a presentation by a college colleague, Kirby Talley


In this experimental presentation, Dr Miller adds his thoughts to a moving speech that was given by his college classmate Kirby Talley about life, leadership, values and collective wisdom. Continue reading


What Is High-Quality Homeopathy? – A Conversation With Roger Morrison MD, Co-founder of America’s Original Homeopathic College


In this conversation with Roger Morrison MD, you will learn about his philosophy and his against the grain life path of letting the world know about the healing wonders of homeopathy. Continue reading


Cure Depression and Find Happiness Without Drugs – A Conversation with Jonathan Robinson


In this conversation with Jonathan Robinson and Dr. Miller you will learn about various techniques to cure depression and find happiness on your own without assistance from anything or anyone. They provide practical information that you can immediately use to feel better. Continue reading


Death with Dignity and Comfort by Choice – A Conversation with Gary Knisely and Judy Schwartz PhD


In this conversation with Gary Knisely, you will learn about the difficulties of his experience with assisting his beloved wife with her death and in the second segment you will learn about the work of Judy Schwartz PhD in the realm of end of life choices. Continue reading

Where’s Whitney Now? A Story of Love and Dementia – A Conversation with Don Cramer


Podcast: Play in new windowDon and Whitney had experienced many years of a deep, warm, and joyful Love. Then, in her fifties, Whitney began to show the signs of Dementia. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which worsened over the next 10 years. Don’s life readily shifted from that of a loving husband to that of a loving caregiver, as their…

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7 Steps of Hope

7 Steps of Hope – Healing from Chronic Illness and Disability – A Conversation with Nancy Gordon LCSW


In this conversation with Nancy Gordon LCSW you will learn about 7 Steps of Hope – a process that she created to help people heal from Chronic Illness and Disability. Continue reading

Spiritual Telepathy

Spiritual Telepathy – A Conversation with Colleen Mauro


In this conversation you will learn about Colleen Mauro’s work of teaching about Spiritual Telepathy and helping people to realize the untapped power of their minds through connection with their spirit . Continue reading


The Power of Forgiveness – A Conversation with Frederic Luskin, PhD


In this conversation with Dr. Miller and Dr. Luskin, you will learn about Dr. Luskin’s life’s work as he provides insight into the healing powers and medical benefits of forgiveness. Continue reading

Getting to the Promised Land Without Spending 40 Years in a Wilderness – A Conversation with Reverend Michael Schulenberg


In this Conversation with Dr. Miller you will learn about the work of The Reverend Michael Schulenberg and his book “Get to the Promised Land Without Spending 40 Years in a Wilderness” . You will also experience a sharing between two old friends who have been on very different life paths in pursuing questions about healing , life and accessing our deepest healing power and wisdom to transform our lives but they have come to very resonant insights and conclusions. Continue reading


Wake Up to Your Dreams : Transform Your Relationships, Career, and Health While you Sleep – A Conversation with Justina Lasley


In this conversation with Dr. Miller and Justina Lasley, you will learn about utilizing the power of your dreams to enrich your relationships, career and health to create greater happiness in your life. Continue reading

The Essence of Meditation and Spiritual Freedom – A Conversation with Ex-Carmelite Nun Kimberly Braun M.A. CSP


In this interview, Dr. Miller and Kimberly Braun talk about her life’s journey in finding her own spiritual freedom which has culminated in her becoming a nun, a spiritual guide and a reiki master among other things. Continue reading

Suzanne Lyons

Beyond Competition – The Magic of Cooperative Games — a Conversation with Suzanne Lyons


In this Conversation with Dr. Miller you will learn about Suzanne Lyon’s website,, a resource for games from many places, and about her latest program, The Cooperative Games Bullying Prevention Program, that clearly makes the case for using cooperative games to prevent aggression in young children as well as nurture their innate drive to care and cooperate. Continue reading

Bruce Lipton, PhD

The Magic and the Neurobiology of Belief – A Conversation With Bruce Lipton, PhD


Choosing his fascinating metaphors, Dr. Lipton introduces us to a new way of understanding human behavior, our belief systems, and how we can create a new foundation for future growth. Important things are happening under the radar. We are experiencing the emergence of a new global consciousness. Continue reading

Dr. Sunil Pai

Your Food, Cancer, and How to Confront This Inflammation Nation – A Conversation with Sunil Pai, MD


Dr. Pai says that although what you eat may not cause cancer, what you eat can determine whether or not your body will support the growth of cancer. He says how you handle stress has a direct effect as well. He says you can heal many illnesses and sustain your health through eating a diet that can lower inflammation. Continue reading