The Wisdom of the World: A Conversation with Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. [Free Podcast]


Angeles Arrien Ph.D. has been one of my favorite people for many years, as one of those who has been as interested in trans-cultural approaches to psychology, spirituality, and global healing. You will love some of the profound insights she shares about cultivating hope, uplifting the human spirit, and awakening our potential for collective wisdom and transformation. Continue reading

Don’t Be A Dick, Be A Jane – A Conversation with Elisa Parker, Honoring International Women’s Day [Free Podcast]


This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Inspiring Change,” and in keeping with that, today’s guest is a superhero when it comes to inspiring women to discover their personal purpose and passion, and to bring that passion into action in the world. Elisa Parker is the co-founder, president & host of the award winning radio program, See Jane Do, and where she shares her wisdom, experience, and guidance serving women, social justice, and the environment. Continue reading

Physician Heal Thyself – How We Can Help Medicine Get Over Its Own Illness: A Conversation With Rachel Remen, MD [Free Podcast]


Today’s conversation features best-selling author, physician, and thought leader Rachel Remen M.D., whose work is changing doctors and medical schools throughout the world. “I first met Rachel in the early 1970s, when she visited Esalen Institute to experience the work we were doing to create a new kind of medicine–one that was holistic and that focused on self-healing and human potential,” reminisces Dr. Miller. Continue reading

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body – A Conversation with Dr. Dennis Kravetz [Free Podcast]


In this lively and convincing conversation we will touch on the highlights of the work that has made Dr. Kravetz successful working with one half of all the Fortune 500 companies and the Navy. Continue reading

Childhood Molestation to Healing Spirit to Sassy Shoes: Conversation With Margot Silk Forrest


In this sensitive and moving episode, Margot shares her experience on discovering the truth about her early life, her work in creating the enormously successful newsletter, The Healing Woman, and the message that emerged from her years of publishing this enormously useful periodical. Continue reading

The Power of Music and The Healing Environment: A Conversation with Susan Mazer, PhD. [Free Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new window “Not long after developing the tools of guided imagery meditation and Selective Awareness (mindfulness), I discovered how much more powerful they were when skillfully wedded to beautiful music and nature sounds. Not long after that, I met Susan Mazer, and we performed together, blending the uniquely beautiful sound of her harp with my voice. The…

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Katie Carter

Surviving the Sugar Season: A Conversation with Katie Carter [Free Podcast]


With the holiday season come the parties and the delicious candies, cakes, pies, and other delicious sweets and Carbohydrates. Then come the extra pounds of weight, the internal inflammation, and the imbalance that they cause. Continue reading

Sondra Barrett

Understanding the Secrets of Your Body’s Cells, Wisdom at the Cellular Level – A Conversation With Sondra Barrett PhD


Together we explore Sondra Barrett, PhD’s story of what convinced her to bridge medical science and self-healing strategies, and what we have learned about how and why music is healing to the cells of the body. Discover how we can see not only intelligence, but something sacred in our cells and molecules. Continue reading

A Conversation With Brad Willis

Beyond Health to Peak Wellness – Warrior Pose: A Conversation with Bhava Ram [Free Podcast]


Bhava will share with us some of the extraordinary experiences he had while pursuing his goal of bringing public attention and healing support to people around the world whose lives have been wounded or destroyed by war. You will be fascinated, moved, and inspired to discover the incredible healing experience that guided him to his discovery of Mind-Body medicine. Continue reading

Finding Grace in a Chaotic World: A Conversation With Justine Toms [August 29th]

With all the bad news flooding in on us all the time, how can we stay centered, find grace – and still actively pursue making the changes we need to make in our personal as well as our collective world? This is the question Dr. Miller explores in this fast-moving yet deeply inspiring conversation with Justine Toms, who, with her late husband, Michael Toms, created the now legendary radio show, New Dimensions Radio. Continue reading

Smile For Hope – An Arab Woman’s Compassionate Initiative: A Conversation with Zeina Abdo [Free Podcast]


On my recent journey to Dubai, I had the fortune of coming across a truly beautiful, inspiring – even electrifying woman. When I discovered Zeina Abdo had been the first Arab woman to reach the summit of Imja Tse Island Peak 20305ft (4 miles) high in an effort to raise funds for pediatric cancer patients in Nepal, I knew I wanted to have a conversation and learn more about her. Continue reading

Escape Your Mental Traps and Heal Our World: A Conversation with Frances Moore Lappe [Free Podcast]


Together we explore the power of mental frames, how the problem of hunger can be successfully addressed, why a freedom from oil dependence is a necessary step towards the creation of real democracy, at home and abroad, and how democracy itself provides the ideal tools we need to make the changes that are long overdue. Continue reading

Leadership and Awakening the Leader Within – A Conversation With David Isaacs, Co-developer of The World Cafe [Free Podcast]


In this episode we will explore the how and why of designing, convening, and hosting conversations around the most important questions in the service of nourishing life for all the stakeholders, and how you can move from over-focus on a current problem to the development of “possibility thinking.” Continue reading

Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse – A Conversation with Steve Ozanich [Free Podcast]


10 years ago, today’s guest, Steve Ozanich, was so crippled by back pain that had resisted every other standard approach, was scheduled to have very serious spinal surgery. He didn’t have it, but instead discovered there was a much more efficient, inexpensive, and effective way to return back to full functioning. Then he wrote a book about what he discovered in the hopes it could help others. Continue reading

Careless Caregivers – How to Avoid the Disasters of Old Age: A Conversation with Rosanna Fay [Free Podcast]


Ever think about what it’s going to be like when your aging parents become sick or incapacitated? Ever think about what it’s going to be like when that happens to you? Probably not, few people do. Who wants to focus on such a negative topic?

On today’s show we dive into what we can all do to prepare and avoid unnecessary stress, pain, and anxiety. Continue reading

Awakening Leadership-Bringing Enlightenment into America’s corporations: A conversation with Alan Shelton [postponed]

Allen Shelton was once a corporate “bottom-line type,” when he began to feel the call to something more than financial and professional success. In this stimulating conversation, Allen invites us to explore our own deep restlessness, the beliefs that are driving it – and the transforming power of presence and service, to move us through and beyond it. Allen will share some of his personal experiences, and the ideas he is taking into the corridors of power in our nation. It is time to awaken the leader within you! Continue reading

Jack Travis MD Image

Societal Lies, Spiritual Abuse, And Why Dads Leave – A Conversation With Dr. Jack Travis [Free Podcast]


In this provocative show, we look at some of the fundamental flaws in our culture, how our society fails to teach us adequate relationship skills, and how it teaches us, instead, to accept extraordinary violence to our kids, and then abandon them. Continue reading

Jim Britt

For Lovers Only – Valentines, Open Hearts, and the Spirit of Love: A Conversation with Jim Britt [Free Podcast]


Each year we celebrate Valentine’s day, which is basically a holy day of our culture – that special time, during which we honor an amazing state of euphoria and connection, which so transforms us whenever we fall in love.
In this lively exploration of this most important, central aspect of all our lives – we will speak of the ancient origin of this theme – and its evolution from the spirit of St. Valentine, to the special relationships we are forming in our lives today. Continue reading

Beyond The Sandy Hook Shootings – What Do I Need To Know and Do?: A Conversation With Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Judith Prager [Free Podcast]


Today’s two guests will address two issues – What might be going on at the neurological level in the minds of mass murders like these, and what might we do about finding and treating them? – is the first.
The second issue has to do with what can we do to help those who have been traumatized by horrific acts like these – whether we are first responders at the scene, or if we have to deal with the families or friends of victims, or even people we know or serve that have been traumatized by just being exposed to the news.
Continue reading

Thriving in the Face of Severe or Fatal Illness – A Conversation with Erica Kosal [Free Podcast]


A diagnosis of a severe, chronic, or fatal disease can be devastating – and the devastation itself can make the disease worse. There is another option – resilience!
In this conversation we explore the value of the fighting spirit, not only that of the patient, but that of the caregiver as well. Here is insight in taking control of an adverse situation, and some inspiration for finding fortitude during trying times in your life. Continue reading