Can Meditation and Awareness make depression worse?

Question:  “Dr. Miller, can meditation and awareness make depression worse? I’ve been feeling numb and empty since kicking my anxiety to the curb with meditation and awareness. Is this normal? Could I be doing something wrong?” Dr Miller Response: Let me first rephrase your question in a small but important way. Through using meditation and selective awareness you’ve managed to…

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What are the scientific and ancient techniques of healing our minds?

Question: “Hi there. I wanted to what the scientific and ancient techniques of healing our minds are as I recently read your latest post on the power of imagination.” Dr. Miller’s Response: There were techniques for healing the mind and that virtually all major cultures. These techniques were often taught to people under the guise of being sacred teachings. Healing,…

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I just started meditating about a week ago, any tips to help me get started?

Question:  “I just started meditating about a week ago, any tips to help me get started?”   Dr Miller Response: Tip 1: Practice meditation daily. Most people who start meditating stop before they reap the benefits. Remember why you want to meditate. Perhaps it is for one of the benefits that research has shown, like reducing stress, improving memory and…

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Habits of thinking

Question:  “I’ve noticed that the more I think about something the more it becomes a habit of thinking. It’s like a positive feedback loop. So, if your depression or anxiety is caused by certain thoughts, maybe if I think less about these things and think more about things that make me happy, the lesser the negative impact of such thoughts. What…

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Saudade, nostalgia and grieving healthily

Question: “Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one cares for and/or loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return. I find myself obsessing and ruminating at certain times. Advice is welcome.” Dr. Miller Response: Saudade, is an experience of your…

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What is ‘Wellness’?

Question:  What is ‘Wellness’? Answer:  In our culture, we commonly think of ourselves as being “sick” or “healthy.” Generally, we define “sick” as having some sort of signs or symptoms of a disease (pain, swelling, fever, loss of function). We then tend to define health as simply being the absence of these signs and symptoms. The concept of “wellness” recognizes…

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