Coaching For Caregivers: A Conversation With Yosaif August


Podcast: Play in new window “Life isn’t what happens to you,” as Yosaif reminds us, “life is what you do with what happens to you!” Yosaif August is a life coach who focuses on helping people live their lives with purpose, passion, and possibility – and, he specializes in coaching for caregivers. It’s true, if we depend on just the…

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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude [Article]

Gratitude is an emotion and an attitude towards life that has been shown to be important in healing the body and mind and is central to positive relationships and happiness itself. Although this has been recognized for centuries by many religions, it has been shown scientifically to produce these benefits only in the past few years. Continue reading

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body – A Conversation with Dr. Dennis Kravetz [Free Podcast]


In this lively and convincing conversation we will touch on the highlights of the work that has made Dr. Kravetz successful working with one half of all the Fortune 500 companies and the Navy. Continue reading

Childhood Molestation to Healing Spirit to Sassy Shoes: Conversation With Margot Silk Forrest


In this sensitive and moving episode, Margot shares her experience on discovering the truth about her early life, her work in creating the enormously successful newsletter, The Healing Woman, and the message that emerged from her years of publishing this enormously useful periodical. Continue reading

You Are What You Think – Thoughts as Vitamins of Deep Healing and Happiness

“You Are What You Eat.” We are all aware of that. But are you just as aware that it is also true that “you are what you think”?
It is true that the physical aspects of your body are intrinsically related to the food you eat, since the atoms that your body incorporates from the food you eat is who you are physically. But in truth, you are much more than just your body. Continue reading

Confronting Cancer Resources

The cancer resources posted on this page are CDs, DVDs, and books that should prove valuable in marshaling your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social resources to support your healing your cancer.   Cancer Self-Help Manual and Workbook This workbook is designed to provide you with practical tools to assist you in developing a positive expectancy that your treatment will be…

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Violence In America: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [Article]

Violence In America’s Media The 9/11 terrorist attack, the Newtown Massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing – we, as Americans are fascinated with violence and frightened by it. We clustered in front of our TVs to watch the Twin Towers collapse again and again; violence in American media is omnipresent, especially gun violence. The rule in most newsrooms is “If It…

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Beyond The Sandy Hook Shootings – What Do I Need To Know and Do?: A Conversation With Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Judith Prager [Free Podcast]


Today’s two guests will address two issues – What might be going on at the neurological level in the minds of mass murders like these, and what might we do about finding and treating them? – is the first.
The second issue has to do with what can we do to help those who have been traumatized by horrific acts like these – whether we are first responders at the scene, or if we have to deal with the families or friends of victims, or even people we know or serve that have been traumatized by just being exposed to the news.
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Healing Trauma and Treating PTSD – Recovering from the Newtown School Shooting and Preventing Another [Free Podcast]


In this podcast I will be sharing some suggestions of how you can:
1) Release and heal from any trauma you might feel in the wake of this tragedy.
2) Suggestions as to what you can do to answer deeper questions like: Why did this shooting happen? Why do these things continue to happen? And is there something that I can do about it? Continue reading

A Conversation With Christian Pedersen

How To Satisfy Your Woman (Or Partner, Or Other Relationship) – A Conversation With Christian Pedersen [Free Podcast]


Just what is necessary to satisfy a woman? If you are a woman, you might already know: if you are a man, perhaps you’d better know. Christian’s ideas are worth listening to, and some of them might surprise you! Continue reading

Man Wakeboarding

7 Secrets Of Olympic Champions: Using the Mind to Break Through Limitations [Article + Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new windowHow They Use ‘The Mind’ To Break Through Limitations & Achieve Peak Performance Whether you work out at your local gym trying to pump up like a champion or are training to run in the Boston Marathon, the ‘secrets’ of Olympic champions can help you achieve peak performance. You already know the best workout routines, training…

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William Kötke image

Seeds of the Future: A Conversation with William Kötke [Free Podcast]


In our conversation, we explore the materialistic values of our civilization which teach us that accumulation of wealth and progress are the same thing – how we are causing the death of our soils, forests, and fish stocks – and how we need to re-envision the role we play in the community of life. Continue reading

Dr. Saputo

The Value of Having a Physician Who Cares: Dr. Saputo [Free Podcast]


Dr. Saputo sees illness as being primarily an opportunity to learn. You’ll learn how Dr. Saputo treats pain as a message leading to the discovery of higher purpose, how he sees his primary purpose as care and support, and how he treats the people he sees as friends rather than as “patients”. Continue reading

Presence and a Sense of Place: Conversation With Noted Novelist Will North (Part One)


In this interview you will learn how a place is more than just a space, and some of the characteristics of those places that kind of feel like home. You will receive some valuable ideas about how you can do an even better job of creating your own life and live it with more integrity. Continue reading

Image of Wowza & Dr. Miller on Ageless Vitality

Secret to Ageless Vitality: A Conversation with Wowza [Free Podcast]


An internationally acclaimed wellness consultant, expressive arts therapist and embodiment speaker, Wowza has spent four decades leading groups in the human potential movement. Wowza is awakening! Continue reading

A Conversation With Brad Willis

The Power Of The Spirit to Heal And Empower Peak Performance: A Conversation With Brad Willis [Free Podcast]


We can rise from the ashes of the worst losses and illnesses, heal ourselves, and create high level wellness and peak performance. No one exemplifies this potential better than former war correspondent Brad Willis, our guest on this edition of Conversations with Extraordinary People. Continue reading

Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain

Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain: A Conversation With Brian Goldman MD [Free Podcast]


What is your Prefrontal Cortex, how does it determine your personality, stress level, anxiety, health, and creativity? How does this most highly evolved part of your brain translate your mental images into your health or illness? Find out in this thought-provoking and stimulating hour. Continue reading

Springing Back to Total Wellness

How delightful the gently lengthening days and the laughing faces of the daffodils. How beautiful the tulips at Ananda and in the front yard of the lady around the corner. Can the poppies be far behind? Take a walk around town and smell the Spring – these precious moments come but once a year. Don’t put it off; today is…

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Image Susun Weed & Dr. Miller on The Wise Woman Way Herbs & Sexuality

The Wise Woman Way – Herbs & Sexuality: A Conversation with Susun Weed [Free Podcast]


Today’s guest is Susan Weed, a woman who has practiced herbal healing and traditional healing techniques since the 1960s. Were going to talk about how to have stronger orgasms, keep your prostate (and your sexual potency and continence), and avoid a hysterectomy. You’ll learn about practically the only organ in the body that doesn’t age or grow weaker through the years – (the clitoris) and how eating a pizza can help you heal your prostate. Continue reading

Image of Maggie Creighton

Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton [Free Podcast]


As part of our new series on “Healing Cancer,” Dr. Miller will interview Maggie Creighton, a near legend in cancer self-care. By teaching people tools for affecting how frightened or empowered they felt, what their expectations were, and even how they really felt about death, she saw not only the qualities of people’s lives improving, but also their illnesses. Continue reading