Between Lives: A New Year’s Imagery on Letting Go


In our culture we would say that someone has “died”, but many sects of Buddhism would say that only the body dies, but that a deeper, more essential aspect of ourselves enters the “Bardo,” the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. In this state evaluate your…

Creating Your Island of Peace Meditation


This FREE guided imagery experience is a perfect way to begin to learn to heal deeply. Because stress is such a…


The Magic of Silence – a Conversation with ex-Carmelite Nun Kimberly Braun


In this conversation with Kimberly Braun, you will learn about the profoundly positive role that silence can play in your life if you tune in to it!


The Power of Forgiveness – A Conversation with Frederic Luskin, PhD


In this conversation with Dr. Miller and Dr. Luskin, you will learn about Dr. Luskin’s life’s work as he provides insight into the healing powers and medical benefits of forgiveness.

Man Wakeboarding

7 Secrets Of Olympic Champions: Using the Mind to Break Through Limitations [Article + Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new windowHow They Use ‘The Mind’ To Break Through Limitations & Achieve Peak Performance Whether you work out at your local gym trying to pump up like a champion or are training to run in the Boston Marathon, the ‘secrets’ of Olympic champions can help you achieve peak performance. You already know the best workout routines, training…

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William Kötke image

Seeds of the Future: A Conversation with William Kötke [Free Podcast]


In our conversation, we explore the materialistic values of our civilization which teach us that accumulation of wealth and progress are the same thing – how we are causing the death of our soils, forests, and fish stocks – and how we need to re-envision the role we play in the community of life.

A Conversation With Brad Willis

The Power Of The Spirit to Heal And Empower Peak Performance: A Conversation With Brad Willis [Free Podcast]


We can rise from the ashes of the worst losses and illnesses, heal ourselves, and create high level wellness and peak performance. No one exemplifies this potential better than former war correspondent Brad Willis, our guest on this edition of Conversations with Extraordinary People.

Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain

Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain: A Conversation With Brian Goldman MD [Free Podcast]


What is your Prefrontal Cortex, how does it determine your personality, stress level, anxiety, health, and creativity? How does this most highly evolved part of your brain translate your mental images into your health or illness? Find out in this thought-provoking and stimulating hour.

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Change Habits, Addictions, and Behaviors [Free Guided Imagery Meditation]


Just as a dog or monkey can be trained to behave in certain ways, your mind and body (in essence, the “animal” part of you) have been trained to behave. And just as a computer can be reprogrammed, you can reprogram your mind and body to overcome urges, impulses, and addictions. Use this meditation to support the changing of such maladaptive patterns as overeating, overspending, over drinking, smoking, and gambling – as well as more subtle ones as procrastination, impulsiveness, or failing to establish positive patterns of exercising or relating to others.

Spring Tulips 2012 at Ananda

Spring Forth and Score on Your New Year’s Resolutions – Changing Habits, Addictions, & Behaviors

Habit: the best of servants and the worst of masters. Spring is a time of returning energy, lifting of spirits. It is the perfect time to reflect the positive renewal energy budding forth and rejuvenate yourself.  Lose those extra pounds, cut out unnecessary drinking and smoking and develop more rewarding behaviors like deepening your relationships with your spouse, family, and…

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Depression Treatment, Ineffective Antidepressants, and Autism [Audio Update]


Recent research in the field of depression has been truly fascinating of late – especially to those of us who need to decide if or when to utilize antidepressant medications.

Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times: a conversation with Janaia Donaldson [Free Podcast]


Janaia Donaldson is the host and producer of “Peak Moment Conversations: Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times.” This online bi-weekly internet television series highlights constructive responses to climate chaos, resource decline, and economic hard times through local community action.

Listen to Dr. Miller's Conversation on Mindfulness, Healing, and Death with Bob Stahl

Mindfulness, Healing, and Death: Conversation with Bob Stahl [Free Podcast]


Dr. Stahl will share with us the meaningful of mindfulness, the practice of being present, its relationship to stress reduction, and how it can help us overcome our self-narrative – the self-limited perspectives we have on ourselves. Dr. Stahl will share with us some of what he’s learned about how to approach death and, paradoxically, how these insights can help us approach life so that we can be victorious over the three enemies described by the Buddha – greed, hate, and ignorance. Finally, we will touch on the worldwide deficit of compassion our planet is now experiencing and some thoughts about what we might do about it.

Dr. Martin Rossman

The Worry Solution – A conversation with Dr. Rossman [Free Podcast]


There seems to be so much to worry about these days – from global warming and peak oil to our children’s schools, our jobs, and even whether the food we eat has been contaminated – it seems impossible to predict what will come next.
If you’re one of the people who worries about any of the concerns I just mentioned – or about your teenage kid, your job, your health, or what those people in Washington some folks call “idiots” are going to do next – then this is a show you would definitely be interested in.

Conversation Skills and Tips – How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

While your attention is focused on the new year (reflecting on and reaffirming positive experiences of 2010, remembering to write ’11 on your checks so they don’t bounce, etc.), right now is the best time to express your willingness to come together with others, to heal wounded relationships, and perhaps to have some of those challenging conversations you have avoided…

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Image of Juanita Brown Ph.D.

How to Create Conversations that Matter – with Juanita Brown Ph.D. [Free Podcast]


So, this month we will focus on awakening this leader, on the power of the New Paradigm, and explore the potential of conversation as a transformative tool to leverage personal wisdom and spirit.

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Social Neurobiology, Positive Psychology, & Mirror Neurons – A Conversation with Bobbie Burdett [Free Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new windowBobbie Burdett is a life coach, a trainer of life coaches, director of training for Health World online. The focus of her coaching is authenticity. Among the fascinating things we will explore will be the field of Social Neurobiology. The work of Dan Seigel in this field has verified what many of us have believed all…

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What is ‘Wellness’?

Question:  What is ‘Wellness’? Answer:  In our culture, we commonly think of ourselves as being “sick” or “healthy.” Generally, we define “sick” as having some sort of signs or symptoms of a disease (pain, swelling, fever, loss of function). We then tend to define health as simply being the absence of these signs and symptoms. The concept of “wellness” recognizes…

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Where Do I Begin With “Alternative Medicine”?

Q. There are so many “alternatives” in alternative health. How do I know what choices are healthy for me — what foods to eat, pills to take, books to read? WHERE DO I BEGIN? A.  It’s an individual matter. Everyone is different. Diseases don’t make choices, people do. The primary goal of the excellent physician, healer, or health practitioner is…

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Why Is the Mind/Body Connection So Important?

Though we search the world over to find the beautiful, we find it within or we find it not. –Ralph Waldo Emerson Q: Dr. Miller, you practice Mind-Body Medicine, why is the Mind/Body Connection so important? Answer by Dr. Miller: “Essence,” “divine child,” “soul,” “spirit”– our connection with the concept we call “Self” is far more important than what we…

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