Conversation Skills and Tips – How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

While your attention is focused on the new year (reflecting on and reaffirming positive experiences of 2010, remembering to write ’11 on your checks so they don’t bounce, etc.), right now is the best time to express your willingness to come together with others, to heal wounded relationships, and perhaps to have some of those challenging conversations you have avoided…

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Image of Juanita Brown Ph.D.

How to Create Conversations that Matter – with Juanita Brown Ph.D. [Free Podcast]


So, this month we will focus on awakening this leader, on the power of the New Paradigm, and explore the potential of conversation as a transformative tool to leverage personal wisdom and spirit.

Image of Dr. Judith Prager

Verbal First Aid The Power of Words, Images, and Stories to Help and Heal: A Conversation with Dr. Judith Prager [Free Podcast]


You will be fascinated and entertained as Dr. Prager and I explore the power of words to impact beliefs and engender healing.

To Be A Woman

I was deeply touched when this power point presentation came through my inbox and I wanted to share it in honor of Women’s Month.

Emotional Freedom: a conversation with Dr. Judith Orloff image

Emotional Freedom: A Conversation with Dr. Judith Orloff [Free Podcast]


Transforming the face of psychiatry, Judith Orloff, MD is an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of the New York Times and international bestseller Emotional Freedom upon which a public television special is based.

A Gift of Love for Valentine’s Day

At the physical level, light; At the mental level, consciousness At the emotional level, love; At the spiritual level God.   What is love? Hard to say. Plato believed that Love is the pursuit of the whole. In Our Culture on the Couch, I stated: “Although ‘love’ is an excruciatingly overused and abused word, there is a common factor involved…

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Because They Believed – A Conversation with Carolyn Voss [Free Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new windowThrough the study and the practice of hypnosis, autogenic training, prayer and meditation, Dr. Miller discovered a state of consciousness common to all these transformational techniques. He calls it the Healing State. The Healing State is usually characterized by a very profound inner sense of well-being and serenity; it is a state of Deep Relaxation. While…

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