You Are What You Think – Thoughts as Vitamins of Deep Healing and Happiness

“You Are What You Eat.” We are all aware of that. But are you just as aware that it is also true that “you are what you think”?
It is true that the physical aspects of your body are intrinsically related to the food you eat, since the atoms that your body incorporates from the food you eat is who you are physically. But in truth, you are much more than just your body.

Sondra Barrett

Understanding the Secrets of Your Body’s Cells, Wisdom at the Cellular Level – A Conversation With Sondra Barrett PhD


Together we explore Sondra Barrett, PhD’s story of what convinced her to bridge medical science and self-healing strategies, and what we have learned about how and why music is healing to the cells of the body. Discover how we can see not only intelligence, but something sacred in our cells and molecules.

A Conversation With Brad Willis

Beyond Health to Peak Wellness – Warrior Pose: A Conversation with Bhava Ram [Free Podcast]


Bhava will share with us some of the extraordinary experiences he had while pursuing his goal of bringing public attention and healing support to people around the world whose lives have been wounded or destroyed by war. You will be fascinated, moved, and inspired to discover the incredible healing experience that guided him to his discovery of Mind-Body medicine.

Confronting Cancer Resources

The cancer resources posted on this page are CDs, DVDs, and books that should prove valuable in marshaling your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social resources to support your healing your cancer.   Cancer Self-Help Manual and Workbook This workbook is designed to provide you with practical tools to assist you in developing a positive expectancy that your treatment will be…

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Resources for Healing and Empowering Your Inner Warrior

The following materials – free resources, CDs, DVDs, books, and downloads provide opportunities to help with your personal growth, healing, and full expression.

Mindfulness Training Program for the Mind-Muscle Connection [Article]

Mindfulness: The Laser Beam Of Focused Intention Many people receive the best quality training money can buy but might never achieve “muscle mastery”. Why is this? The answer is “mindfulness.” With mindfulness you can do anything; without it, forget it, pal! Intention is an important aspect of mindfulness – the process of paying attention in the present moment, purposefully, and…

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Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse – A Conversation with Steve Ozanich [Free Podcast]


10 years ago, today’s guest, Steve Ozanich, was so crippled by back pain that had resisted every other standard approach, was scheduled to have very serious spinal surgery. He didn’t have it, but instead discovered there was a much more efficient, inexpensive, and effective way to return back to full functioning. Then he wrote a book about what he discovered in the hopes it could help others.

Thriving in the Face of Severe or Fatal Illness – A Conversation with Erica Kosal [Free Podcast]


A diagnosis of a severe, chronic, or fatal disease can be devastating – and the devastation itself can make the disease worse. There is another option – resilience!
In this conversation we explore the value of the fighting spirit, not only that of the patient, but that of the caregiver as well. Here is insight in taking control of an adverse situation, and some inspiration for finding fortitude during trying times in your life.

Dr. Saputo

The Value of Having a Physician Who Cares: Dr. Saputo [Free Podcast]


Dr. Saputo sees illness as being primarily an opportunity to learn. You’ll learn how Dr. Saputo treats pain as a message leading to the discovery of higher purpose, how he sees his primary purpose as care and support, and how he treats the people he sees as friends rather than as “patients”.

Image of Wowza & Dr. Miller on Ageless Vitality

Secret to Ageless Vitality: A Conversation with Wowza [Free Podcast]


An internationally acclaimed wellness consultant, expressive arts therapist and embodiment speaker, Wowza has spent four decades leading groups in the human potential movement. Wowza is awakening!

A Conversation With Brad Willis

The Power Of The Spirit to Heal And Empower Peak Performance: A Conversation With Brad Willis [Free Podcast]


We can rise from the ashes of the worst losses and illnesses, heal ourselves, and create high level wellness and peak performance. No one exemplifies this potential better than former war correspondent Brad Willis, our guest on this edition of Conversations with Extraordinary People.

Image Susun Weed & Dr. Miller on The Wise Woman Way Herbs & Sexuality

The Wise Woman Way – Herbs & Sexuality: A Conversation with Susun Weed [Free Podcast]


Today’s guest is Susan Weed, a woman who has practiced herbal healing and traditional healing techniques since the 1960s. Were going to talk about how to have stronger orgasms, keep your prostate (and your sexual potency and continence), and avoid a hysterectomy. You’ll learn about practically the only organ in the body that doesn’t age or grow weaker through the years – (the clitoris) and how eating a pizza can help you heal your prostate.

Image of Maggie Creighton

Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton [Free Podcast]


As part of our new series on “Healing Cancer,” Dr. Miller will interview Maggie Creighton, a near legend in cancer self-care. By teaching people tools for affecting how frightened or empowered they felt, what their expectations were, and even how they really felt about death, she saw not only the qualities of people’s lives improving, but also their illnesses.

Image of Erik Pepper

Non-toxic Cancer Treatment: A Conversation with Erik Peper [Free Podcast]


In this lively conversation we will explore some of the latest discoveries in biofeedback and tools for self-healing. In a world where our health care system is actually a “sick-care” system that requires us to be ill in order to function Dr. Peper focuses on the inner potential we all have to respond to disease and illness.

Image of Brant Secunda and Mark Allen

Fit Soul, Fit Body: A Conversation with Brant Secunda and Mark Allen [Free Podcast]


· Experience greater fulfillment in all that you do.
· Connect with the environment and beauty of nature to rejuvenate your soul.
· Develop fresh, healthy coping skills to manage your personal and professional life.
· Stop feeling wound up, overworked, stressed out, and tired.
· Quiet your mind in minutes without spending hours learning meditation.
· Choose the right eating and exercise plan.
· Test your wellness and fitness without stepping on a scale.
· Release negative emotions and draw strength from positive ones to infuse your life with purpose and energy.
· Get into the best shape of your life—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Mind, Medicine, and Miracles: a Converation with Bernie Siegel image

Mind, Medicine, Miracles: A Conversation With Dr. Bernie Siegel [Free Podcast]


We will explore the remarkable ability of the body to heal itself – something that now has been well-documented by medical studies, and how living a life of purpose and Love can sustain our health and our life. After all, as Bernie says, “If we don’t love our lives, our body sees death as the solution.” Probably not the solution we’re hoping for though.

You Are What You Eat . . . And Think: A Conversation with Terry and Joe Graedon (of The People’s Pharmacy)

You Are What You Eat And Think: A Conversation with Terry and Joe Graedon (of The People’s Pharmacy) [Free Podcast]


If you’re interested in maintaining your health and preventing illness, then you owe it to yourself to check out the work of Joe and Terry Graedon. Through their books, their regular radio show and their many appearances on national television, they have managed to stay on the cutting edge even until now, with their current new release, Recipes and Remedies, which presents some most fascinating and useful information about ways you can treat common ailments and prevent serious illnesses through the use of common foods, spices, and other items you can find around the house.

Understanding and Managing Stress

These days all of us are aware that most of our illnesses and our suffering is the result of the choices we make – how we, as individuals, eat, sleep, exercise, and live our lives. We now need to be aware of the two kinds of stress, and the two realms in which stress expresses itself – the inner and…

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Dr. Miller's Free Guided Imagery and Meditation for Stress Management, Anxiety Relief, Insomnia, Depression image

Free Anti-Cancer Guided Imagery Experience, Empowering Your Immune System – From Dr. Miller


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I have prepared this special free deep relaxation and guided imagery experience. I had the honor of co-founding the second cancer self-help center in the world, and the first that began to train interns. The imagery here is based on that which we used at the center, where i remained as medical director for 20 years.

An Answer to Cancer – How Guided Imagery and Meditation Can Assist in Cancer Treatment [Free Podcast]


Podcast: Play in new windowWhat’s the first thing to do if you get a diagnosis of cancer? Grab a deep relaxation and guided imagery CD! Really. It could save your life. When people first receive the message from their physician that their body may be harboring a potentially fatal disease, they are usually dumbfounded, commonly frightened, and often emotionally traumatized….

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