Dr. Bernie Siegel

Love, Medicine, Miracles And Bernie Siegel: A Conversation With Bernie Siegel


This conversation with Dr. Siegel will center on the healing potential within human beings and how the mainstream medical system fails to recognize it. Continue reading

The Wisdom of the World: A Conversation with Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. [Free Podcast]


Angeles Arrien Ph.D. has been one of my favorite people for many years, as one of those who has been as interested in trans-cultural approaches to psychology, spirituality, and global healing. You will love some of the profound insights she shares about cultivating hope, uplifting the human spirit, and awakening our potential for collective wisdom and transformation. Continue reading

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude [Article]

Gratitude is an emotion and an attitude towards life that has been shown to be important in healing the body and mind and is central to positive relationships and happiness itself. Although this has been recognized for centuries by many religions, it has been shown scientifically to produce these benefits only in the past few years. Continue reading

Don’t Be A Dick, Be A Jane – A Conversation with Elisa Parker, Honoring International Women’s Day [Free Podcast]


This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is “Inspiring Change,” and in keeping with that, today’s guest is a superhero when it comes to inspiring women to discover their personal purpose and passion, and to bring that passion into action in the world. Elisa Parker is the co-founder, president & host of the award winning radio program, See Jane Do, and where she shares her wisdom, experience, and guidance serving women, social justice, and the environment. Continue reading

You Are What You Think – Thoughts as Vitamins of Deep Healing and Happiness

“You Are What You Eat.” We are all aware of that. But are you just as aware that it is also true that “you are what you think”?
It is true that the physical aspects of your body are intrinsically related to the food you eat, since the atoms that your body incorporates from the food you eat is who you are physically. But in truth, you are much more than just your body. Continue reading

Sondra Barrett

Understanding the Secrets of Your Body’s Cells, Wisdom at the Cellular Level – A Conversation With Sondra Barrett PhD


Together we explore Sondra Barrett, PhD’s story of what convinced her to bridge medical science and self-healing strategies, and what we have learned about how and why music is healing to the cells of the body. Discover how we can see not only intelligence, but something sacred in our cells and molecules. Continue reading

A Conversation With Brad Willis

Beyond Health to Peak Wellness – Warrior Pose: A Conversation with Bhava Ram [Free Podcast]


Bhava will share with us some of the extraordinary experiences he had while pursuing his goal of bringing public attention and healing support to people around the world whose lives have been wounded or destroyed by war. You will be fascinated, moved, and inspired to discover the incredible healing experience that guided him to his discovery of Mind-Body medicine. Continue reading

Confronting Cancer Resources

The cancer resources posted on this page are CDs, DVDs, and books that should prove valuable in marshaling your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social resources to support your healing your cancer.   Cancer Self-Help Manual and Workbook This workbook is designed to provide you with practical tools to assist you in developing a positive expectancy that your treatment will be…

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Resources for Healing and Empowering Your Inner Warrior

The following materials – free resources, CDs, DVDs, books, and downloads provide opportunities to help with your personal growth, healing, and full expression. Continue reading

Beyond The Sandy Hook Shootings – What Do I Need To Know and Do?: A Conversation With Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Judith Prager [Free Podcast]


Today’s two guests will address two issues – What might be going on at the neurological level in the minds of mass murders like these, and what might we do about finding and treating them? – is the first.
The second issue has to do with what can we do to help those who have been traumatized by horrific acts like these – whether we are first responders at the scene, or if we have to deal with the families or friends of victims, or even people we know or serve that have been traumatized by just being exposed to the news.
Continue reading

Thriving in the Face of Severe or Fatal Illness – A Conversation with Erica Kosal [Free Podcast]


A diagnosis of a severe, chronic, or fatal disease can be devastating – and the devastation itself can make the disease worse. There is another option – resilience!
In this conversation we explore the value of the fighting spirit, not only that of the patient, but that of the caregiver as well. Here is insight in taking control of an adverse situation, and some inspiration for finding fortitude during trying times in your life. Continue reading

Togetherness, Creating And Deepening Sustainable Love: A Conversation With Cyndi Dale & Andrew Wald [Free Podcast]


We don’t need to sacrifice the “heights” of relationships (such as we feel in the beginning of relationships) in order to experience the depths (that come only after a relationship matures over a longer period of time). Here are some hints on how to experience both simultaneously. Continue reading

Dr. Saputo

The Value of Having a Physician Who Cares: Dr. Saputo [Free Podcast]


Dr. Saputo sees illness as being primarily an opportunity to learn. You’ll learn how Dr. Saputo treats pain as a message leading to the discovery of higher purpose, how he sees his primary purpose as care and support, and how he treats the people he sees as friends rather than as “patients”. Continue reading

Presence and a Sense of Place: Conversation With Noted Novelist Will North (Part One)


In this interview you will learn how a place is more than just a space, and some of the characteristics of those places that kind of feel like home. You will receive some valuable ideas about how you can do an even better job of creating your own life and live it with more integrity. Continue reading

A Conversation With Brad Willis

The Power Of The Spirit to Heal And Empower Peak Performance: A Conversation With Brad Willis [Free Podcast]


We can rise from the ashes of the worst losses and illnesses, heal ourselves, and create high level wellness and peak performance. No one exemplifies this potential better than former war correspondent Brad Willis, our guest on this edition of Conversations with Extraordinary People. Continue reading

Springing Back to Total Wellness

How delightful the gently lengthening days and the laughing faces of the daffodils. How beautiful the tulips at Ananda and in the front yard of the lady around the corner. Can the poppies be far behind? Take a walk around town and smell the Spring – these precious moments come but once a year. Don’t put it off; today is…

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Image Susun Weed & Dr. Miller on The Wise Woman Way Herbs & Sexuality

The Wise Woman Way – Herbs & Sexuality: A Conversation with Susun Weed [Free Podcast]


Today’s guest is Susan Weed, a woman who has practiced herbal healing and traditional healing techniques since the 1960s. Were going to talk about how to have stronger orgasms, keep your prostate (and your sexual potency and continence), and avoid a hysterectomy. You’ll learn about practically the only organ in the body that doesn’t age or grow weaker through the years – (the clitoris) and how eating a pizza can help you heal your prostate. Continue reading

Meditation graphic

A Beacon of Love and Peace [Free Guided Imagery Meditation]


Enjoy this guided imagery journey within to the source of light, an experience and reaffirmation of Love, and an opportunity to kindle compassion and joy and radiate peace and spirit to the world. Continue reading

Image of Brant Secunda and Mark Allen

Fit Soul, Fit Body: A Conversation with Brant Secunda and Mark Allen [Free Podcast]


· Experience greater fulfillment in all that you do.
· Connect with the environment and beauty of nature to rejuvenate your soul.
· Develop fresh, healthy coping skills to manage your personal and professional life.
· Stop feeling wound up, overworked, stressed out, and tired.
· Quiet your mind in minutes without spending hours learning meditation.
· Choose the right eating and exercise plan.
· Test your wellness and fitness without stepping on a scale.
· Release negative emotions and draw strength from positive ones to infuse your life with purpose and energy.
· Get into the best shape of your life—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Continue reading

Spiritual Lessons from A Life in Acting: A Conversation with Dee Wallace Image

Spiritual Lessons from A Life in Acting: A Conversation with Dee Wallace [Free Podcast]


Dr. Miller has for his guest on Conversations with Extraordinary People actress Dee Wallace. What makes Dee extraordinary is that she also teaches acting, and in a very unique way – purely from her intuition. In our interview you’ll learn some of her personal story. Continue reading