Change Habits, Addictions, and Behaviors [Free Guided Imagery Meditation]


Lotus FlowerUnwanted habits, addictions, self-defeating patterns of behavior are something we all have to deal with – and we often fail to make the changes we want to make.

This guided imagery audio experience is an excerpt from Dr. Miller’s Lecture: How to Change Your Habits, Addictions, and Behaviors.

Guided Imagery and Meditation are effective tools that can give us the power to tune into our minds and bodies and gently convince them to behave in ways that support our lives.

Learn how to access the power of your emotions, quiet the intensity of your cravings, and use mental imagery to create new goals and motivations for your unconscious mind.

Just as a dog or monkey can be trained to behave in certain ways, your mind and body (in essence, the “animal” part of you) have been trained to behave. And just as a computer can be reprogrammed, you can reprogram your mind and body to overcome urges, impulses, and addictions. Use this meditation to support the changing of such maladaptive patterns as overeating, overspending, over drinking, smoking, and gambling – as well as more subtle ones as procrastination, impulsiveness, or failing to establish positive patterns of exercising or relating to others.

[1] Miller, Emmett, Our Culture on the Couch – 7 Steps to Global Healing


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