Confronting Cancer Resources

The cancer resources posted on this page are CDs, DVDs, and books that should prove valuable in marshaling your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social resources to support your healing your cancer.

Cancer Support and Education Manual


Cancer Self-Help Manual and Workbook
This workbook is designed to provide you with practical tools to assist you in developing a positive expectancy that your treatment will be entirely successful and that you will soon be completely healthy and full of energy.

It contains exercises, readings, instructions for each activity used at the center, and a reading assignment following each session which either supplements the material learned in that session or introduces you to ideas and techniques which will be covered in the following session.


Awakening The Healer Within
Dr. Miller’s presentation, originally delivered at the Cancer Support and Education Center, presenting the basic concepts of mind-body medicine. An excellent way to learn about how all your mind and body interrelate, and how, by choosing wisely your thoughts and mental images, you can awaken your body’s innate potential for healing. You will also learn more about how to use deep relaxation and meditation in your healing, and enjoy several experiences of using these mind–tools.


Optimizing Chemotherapy
This program is designed to help enable you to maximize the use of your mind to support and facilitate the healing of your body; provide emotional and physical support and balance; to diminish side effects, and to focus your chemotherapy specifically on your cancer cells.


Optimizing Radiation TherapyOptimizingRadiation
Maximize the use of your mind to support and facilitate healing of your body by providing healthy emotional and physical support and balance while helping to remove any possible internal barriers to healing. Learn to enter the deeply relaxed “healing” state and use the tools of imagery to help focus the radiation most effectively on the cancer cells to be eliminated, while protecting your body’s healthy cells.


Healing Journey
Using your new skills of relaxing deeply and using guided imagery and creative imagination, the very soft and soothing guidance takes you deeper into the healing state. Excellent for severe illnesses, it helps you relax into the recovery program and marshal your spiritual resources and guide them towards your self-healing. This program features a symphony created specifically for this recording by the legendary Raphael.


Healing From Cancer
Imagery for empowering your immune system and creating a positive mental attitude. Learn how to use guided imagery and meditation to help with your healing


Accepting Change And Moving On: On Loss And Letting Go
This program helps you through unexpected changes that you may encounter as you take on the management of fighting cancer: Relationships change, priorities change, perhaps bodily functions will change. These changes will require an inner adjustment and this program through guided imagery and self-hypnotic mind-tools will help you through to new patterns of living.


Immunoimagery DVD
This video is very helpful in visualizing the activities of your immune system and creating powerful imagery for use with your meditations.


Successful Surgery and RecoverySucessful Surgery and Recovery
A set of powerful experiences to achieve the maximum benefit and a speedy recovery from surgery through conditioning your mind and body. Techniques on this CD have been shown to speed up post surgery healing by up to 25%! Use before and after surgery to reduce swelling, pain, bleeding, infection, and the side effects of anesthesia.


Deep Healing – The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine
This is Dr. Miller’s classic text exploring the holistic field of mind body medicine, offering both the theory and a wealth of practical tools and imagery scripts for confronting cancer and other illnesses.


Touch Caring and Cancer – Simple instruction for family and friends
One of the most comforting forms of support you can give a person with cancer is the use of touch. This inspiring and authoritative program (DVD with illustrated manual) was developed as part of a research study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. It provides detailed instruction by leading experts in cancer support and oncology massage for safe and simple techniques anyone can learn and apply. (Order In “Dr.Miller Recommends” In Our Amazon Store)


Getting Well Again – by Carl Simonton and Jim Creighton
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Link to Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients


Instructors and Cancer Patient Coaches:

  • Maggie Creighton, (founder and former Director of CSEC, CSEC facilitator)
  • Larry Steiner (pancreatic cancer survivor and CSEC facilitator)
  • Peggy Rogers, MA, MFT (breast cancer survivor and past Program Director of CSEC, CSEC facilitator)
  • Adriana Finnie, MA, MFT  (melanoma and chronic fatigue survivor, CSEC facilitator)
  • Karen Haas, MA, MFT (breast and ovarian cancer survivor, 2nd Director of CSEC, CSEC facilitator)



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