Depression Treatment, Ineffective Antidepressants, and Autism [Audio Update]

The Causes of Depression ImageRecent research in the field of depression has been truly fascinating of late (especially to those of us who need to decide if or when to utilize antidepressant medications). Dr Kirsch, professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut has conducted a meta-analysis that suggests strongly that, as Dr. Kirsch states, “Antidepressants at best have a small and clinically insignificant effect for mild, moderate and even severe depression.” The drugs “may be slightly more effective than placebo for people with very severe depression, at the far end of the scale,” Kirsch adds, “but even that small difference may be a placebo effect.”

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Dr. Miller’s experience, based on careful selection and observational criteria, is that in certain cases antidepressants can have significant and even lifesaving effects when used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral and stress management techniques. Research has also revealed depression to:

  • cost US businesses more than $51 billion per year due to absenteeism,
  • be at the root of a great number of physical illnesses,
  • produce an enormous amount of human suffering – even heart attacks. What’s more, the Archives of General Psychiatry reports that Antidepressant use among pregnant women is linked to autism in their children.


We also know that there are effective tools – self-applied techniques of meditation, cognitive restructuring, and guided imagery audio – that can enable a person to heal that depression and all its symptoms. Depression is dangerous – not only to your physical health,  but to your energy and creativity as well as your relationships and your very soul.

It must be treated quickly, or even more damage will occur. This is because depression produces and is produced by damage to the membranes of the neurons of certain parts of your brain.

The Audio program Escape From Depression can help you confront the attitude, emotion, and thought patterns responsible for the stress and the damage. The tools it offers help empower you to change your mind and change your life. Through deep relaxation, focused concentration, and guided imagery you can use the power of your mind and your brain to guide the cells of your body back to health and on to high-level wellness and success.

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Dr. Miller has many Guided Imagery and Meditation CDs, MP3s, & Books for Treating Depression & Sadness.

Escape From Depression – This program may be helpful, even crucial, in every form of depression. It weaves vital information based on clinical experience and the latest neuropsychiatric research with powerful self-healing tools like cognitive-behavioral self-therapy, meditation, deep relaxation, self-imagery, self-hypnosis, autogenic training, and prayer.

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