Thriving in the Face of Severe or Fatal Illness – A Conversation with Erica Kosal [Free Podcast]


A diagnosis of a severe, chronic, or fatal disease can be devastating – and the devastation itself can make the disease worse. There is another option – resilience!

Erica KosalResilience means recovering from the devastation quickly, and using tools and techniques to support the healing process. Resilience means believing that your thoughts, imagery, and emotions have an impact on your future.

Today’s guest became acquainted with my self-healing imagery programs and because of their effectiveness in helping her and her husband through a most harrowing illness, she called me. You will find this interview inspiring and supportive, especially if you ever have to deal with this kind of diagnosis.

After receiving a fatal health diagnosis, Jim and his wife Erica realized that not all things added up.  (I have heard many times how people were told, by their medical practitioner to go home and prepare to die – “Don’t waste your time fighting.”) Jim and Erica did not give up.

After searching for answers and regaining some control with a more promising diagnosis, Jim’s battle was just beginning.  After losing 60 pounds and the ability to breathe well, a tracheostomy was performed.  Bomb after bomb was thrown at this family, but each time they regained strength and resilience.  That “6 months to live” declaration was years ago and small gains in strength and health are coming slowly.

Subscribe to Dr. Millers Conversations with Extraordinary People PodcastIn this conversation we explore the value of the fighting spirit, not only that of the patient, but that of the caregiver as well. Here is insight in taking control of an adverse situation, and some inspiration for finding fortitude during trying times in your life, and the importance of staying attuned to life’s precious miracles.

Erica has written a book about this extraordinary experience, Miracles for Daddy: A Family’s Inspirational Fight Against A Modern Medical Goliath. It chroniclesher family’s story of resilience and centers on taking the good from situations, even if they are bad, and on the importance of believing that you can influence your future.

This book is available at Dr. Miller’s Amazon Store:
Miracles for Daddy: A Family’s Inspirational Fight Against A Modern Medical Goliath

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