Escape Your Mental Traps and Heal Our World: A Conversation with Frances Moore Lappe [Free Podcast]


Escape Your Mental Traps and Heal Our WorldOur conversation today is with the very busy Frances Moore Lappé. She has authored 18 books since she first reached national prominence with her three million copy selling Diet for a Small Planet.

In it she demonstrated that, although the ability of our planet to provide food is limited, if we learn how to eat wisely we can eat well, be healthy . . . and have enough for the starving millions to eat well also.

It’s become quite fashionable these days to sit around bemoaning the terrible state of affairs on planet Earth, what with global pollution, governmental corruption, corporate overreaching, and the fact that nearly one in every 7 human beings planetwide go to bed hungry every night, Francis bucks the trend again. Feeling helpless and defeated may seem like a good excuse for not doing anything, but, as Francis shares with us, these are simply thought traps–ways of thinking that make it hard for us to see the truth–that we can, by changing how we are thinking, discover that there are solutions to all these problems.

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Together, we will explore the ideas presented in her most recent book, EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want. The very simple and yet very powerful fact that escapes the attention of far too many people is that, for the most part, we do not see reality–what we see is a story about reality, a story constructed by beliefs that we have absorbed from the world around us. Or, as Frances says, “we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” And that perspective shapes not only how we perceive this moment, but also what we believe is possible for our future.

As a result, we get caught in what she calls “thought traps,” powerful (although false) assumptions that disempower us. Together we explore the power of mental frames, how the problem of hunger can be successfully addressed, why a freedom from oil dependence is a necessary step towards the creation of real democracy, at home and abroad, and how democracy itself provides the ideal tools we need to make the changes that are long overdue.

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