Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: A Conversation with Charles A. Francis


francisMindfulness Meditation has been practiced for many centuries. Dr. Miller introduced the technique to modern medical/psychological practice for the purpose of healing in 1971. Since then, many scientific studies have shown it to be remarkably effective in managing stress, relieving pain, healing trauma, etc.

Dr. Miller’s guest on this program is Charles A. Francis, student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who has written a book, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple – Your Guide to Finding Inner Peace. In this conversation with Dr. Miller we will discover the real meaning of “mindfulness,” why it is helpful for meditation, and the 12 simple steps that can get you launched and begin to transform your life.

You will learn such things as the truth about suffering, why concentration is the anchor of the peaceful mind, and how to control your mind when it starts to race. We will also explore the power of meditating with others and how to make mindfulness a way of life. Don’t miss this enlightening and relaxing program.

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Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple

Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace
Through the clear instructions and simple exercises, you will gain a solid foundation of this time-tested ancient practice, and get the results you want. Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple explains the exact meditation techniques in an easy-to-follow process. It then gives you tips for enhancing your practice.

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RelaxandInspirationRelaxation and Inspiration

Gratitude, caring, and commitment are evoked, and the resulting peace, joy, and love then inspire you to be the person you most want to be. Through future image visualization you then project this most important inspiration through to tomorrow and ever after.

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LGOSLetting Go of Stress

No wonder it’s the world’s most popular stress management tape! Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences teach powerful techniques for melting away stress and its symptoms. Learn to use progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, creative visualization and everyone’s favorite—”A Trip to the Beach.”

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