Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain: A Conversation With Brian Goldman MD [Free Podcast]


Getting To Know Your Amazing Brain

What is your Prefrontal Cortex, how does it determine your personality, stress level, anxiety, health, and creativity? How does this most highly evolved part of your brain translate your mental images into your health or illness? Find out in this thought-provoking and stimulating hour.

During the 70’s and 80’s, when so many thousands of people were being helped in such profound ways by the mind-tools I was teaching, mainstream medicine had a hard time accepting the evidence of such self-healing potential because they could not conceive of a mechanism by which it could happen. Now, however, we have tools such as neuro-imaging, that give us a clear understanding of the mechanism by which the power of mindfulness, deep relaxation, and guided imagery work in your brain.

On this edition of Conversations With Extraordinary People, you will meet Dr. Brian Goldman, a brain surgeon and psychiatrist I met in the 90s while I was learning neuropsychiatry from Dan Amen, M.D.. We were both working at the clinic of Dan Amen, MD. Through the years he has helped me improve my understanding of the structure and chemistry of the brain, as well as pharmaceutical and natural treatments for brain imbalances.

When using any tool or instrument, the better you understand that instrument, the more effectively and skillfully you will be able to use it. This is true of your mind and brain just as it is of your piano or computer.

Your brain and mind are not the same; they bear the same relationship to each other as a book and the information in that book. A book consists of pages, a cover, ink, stitching, etc.. But what is most important is the information that is encoded in the letters and words in it. Similarly, the brain consists of neurons, glial cells, synapses, and such – the mind is the information that has been encoded into the structures of the brain.

With Dr. Goldman, we will explore the structure and function of the part of the brain that gives us consciousness, the ability to plan and see the big picture, and to focus our attention to create success and wellness. You will receive some valuable tips on how to support and nurture this part of your brain, and learn how it sends calming chemicals directly to your amygdala and other parts of the limbic system (the source of the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety).

If you have experienced the power of relaxation and imagery in your life, you will enjoy understanding how this happened. If you have not, you will probably be a lot more motivated to try them out!

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