Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients


Gifts for Cancer Patients

Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

It is not as bad as receiving the diagnosis of cancer, but trying to figure out what you can do for a friend or relative who has received such a diagnosis is hard, even in the best of cases. Support is what they need, but the last thing they want is to feel your pity, or maudlin words that make them feel even worse. Phoney pep talks (“Hey, I know you can beat this”) don’t really help, and the “New Age Guilt” line (“Why did you ‘choose’ to have cancer”) should earn you a stay in prison! So, what to do?

First of all, since Love is the most powerful self-healing tool, let them know that you understand some of what they are going through, that you are available for anything they may need, and that you love them. A shoulder to cry on, support getting to doctor appointments, and a casserole have their place when needed. Beyond that, bring some joy into their lives – a trip to the movie or the beach, a book you loved to read, or dinner at a great restaurant – can be just the thing to take their mind off their challenges. As the Mormons say, “A change is as good as a rest.”

Cancer Patient Gift Ideas from Dr. Miller

One very useful gift is the “Ready for Recovery Cancer Planner Organizer, and Journal.” It can help people keep it together as they go through the fog of cancer treatment.

Flowers will brighten anybody’s day!

For those who wish a wise and powerful exploration of the ways to maximize the joy and richness of their lives, there is the bestselling book A Year to Live, by Stephen Levine

Current research indicates that certain ways of eating can help fight cancer. Rebecca Katz’s The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen is a great way to get started.

Self-Healing Cancer Gift Ideas

Because we now know that a person’s state of mind can be an important determinant of how rapidly the heal and how well they survive the rigors of cancer treatment, some of the most valuable things you can give them are tools for properly engaging their minds in the healing process.

To begin with, dealing with doctors, hospitals, MRIs, and the like creates stress as does the not knowing what the future will bring. Deep relaxation and imagery, such as that in Letting Go Of Stress Guided Imagery CD/MP3 and Rainbow Butterfly CD/MP3 are time-tested approaches.

Getting Well Again Book The self-healing imagery in Healing Journey Guided Imagery CD/MP3 Program and A Time To Heal DVD provides a way for people to begin to use their mind-tools positively, even if they have no past experience with such complementary approaches.

For those who want to take an aggressive approach to combatting their illness, the groundbreaking book Getting Well Again, by Carl Simonton is a real eye-opener. Back in the early 1970s Dr. Miller and Dr. Simonton were two of the first physicians to begin using imagery and visualization as adjuncts in their treatment of cancer patients. They opened the first two cancer support programs (“The Cancer Support and Education Center” – CSEC) in the Healing From Cancer MP3 Download - by Dr. Emmett Millerworld, with the goal of helping people awaken their inner healing abilities. Carl’s research and his tools are revealed in Getting Well Again,  a book that has inspired millions.

COMING SOON! Dr. Miller is finalizing a new video interview of Maggie Creighton, who was the central powerhouse and co-founder of CSEC, as well as several patients who have triumphed over their illness, describing the specific steps that proved to helpful to so many. Also, Dr. Miller’s Healing From Cancer Guided Imagery Program is an excellent way to begin using these tools.

Radiation Therapy and Chemo Gifts

Those undergoing treatment for cancer can benefit tremendously from the guidance and imagery offered by the following:


Free Cancer Gift Ideas:

Dr. Miller’s Healing Your Body & Conquering Stress video is available free online for a limited time.

In this live presentation, Dr. Miller shows clearly how stress is not something that happens to you, stress is the result of how your limbic system, the unconscious level of your mind reacts. You will learn how the chemicals of stress, such as cortisol, create the friction in the body that produces most of our illnesses and slows recovery from all of them. Relaxation is the specific antidote to tension, and the using it is the key to managing stress effectively.

You will be treated to two deep relaxation experiences and guided imagery focused on awakening your body’s ability to heal itself. Finally, we will explore the amazing power of the mind, Denial, how it can block us from total wellness. You will learn how denial blocks healing, and how you can use Guided Imagery and Deep Relaxation to heal your body. Featuring many colorful photographs, graphics, videoclips, and music to enhance the inner imagery experiences, this video is one you will watch time and time again.

It will also be available to purchase as a DVD. Check back soon or send us an email and we will put you on the pre-order list. A great gift for someone who has received a serious diagnosis of Cancer!