Deep Healing: Glossary

Deep Healing is a powerful concept for understanding your health and performance. It looks beyond symptoms of illness or dysfunction to the source of the imbalance that causes them.

Deep Healing invites you to look deeper than the superficial symptoms and behaviors that cause you discomfort and to discover the inner behaviors—thoughts, emotions, and habits—that block your health and peak performance and create dysfunction and disease. It aims towards the creation of high-level wellness and peak performance.

Deep Healing also refers to the intention of a set of enjoyable mind-tools for creating or restoring the health and balance to mind, body, emotion, and spirit—and to your environment and relationships, too.

Deep Healing means contacting and using your inner wisdom and your inner spiritual resources to intentionally guide your mind to produce healing at all levels. It leads to harmony between the internal and external aspects of your life.

Deep Healing, at the microscopic level, refers to optimal performance of the individual cells of the body, the elimination of stress, disease, and dysfunction. It appears at the emotional level as inner feelings of happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, vitality, strength, and freedom. In the external world, it appears as peak performance, freedom, and personal and professional success.

Deep Healing has, in addition to this inner and outer dimension, an individual and a community dimension. On the individual level, there’s the health of a person’s body, mind, emotions, habits, and performance. At the community level, there is the healing of relationships—friends and family, workplace, community, nation, and finally the planet as a whole.

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