Habits of thinking


“I’ve noticed that the more I think about something the more it becomes a habit of thinking. It’s like a positive feedback loop. So, if your depression or anxiety is caused by certain thoughts, maybe if I think less about these things and think more about things that make me happy, the lesser the negative impact of such thoughts. What do you think?”

Dr Miller Response:

Exactly. When you think negative thoughts that generates a stress reaction, and inner anxiety that generates more negative thoughts, etc. When you think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings, this causes GABA to be released, and your mind will be attracted to the positive feelings associated with those thoughts.

Using the higher faculties of your mind (your prefrontal cortex, the “brain’s brain”) relax the anxiety and insecurity that triggers the negative thoughts (because you are not in a fight or flight situation). With your mind thus freed you can focus on positive thoughts. Guided Imagery is a good practice.

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