Professional Trainings

Professional Trainings (Live and Recorded)

Dbhjava_EmAbover. Miller specializes in teaching the tools and techniques for Deep Healing. Deep Healing focuses on nurturing the positive, healthy self and helping it throw off and resist illness and disease. It promotes the use of cognitive behavior training and hypnoidal states to catalyze a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation toward healing, wholeness, joy and love. Most people have never learned to activate their inborn ability to heal, resulting in illness, dysfunction and disaster, personally, socially, and globally.

Not only will you learn these tools and techniques in trainings or individual professional coaching sessions with Dr. Miller, you will learn how to use them guided by holism, spirit, wisdom, compassion, and love. These tools, regardless of the names they may be given (meditation, prayer, autosuggestion, creative visualization, hypnosis) are indispensable to the health professional who wishes to awaken and utilize the power of the deeper mind to heal. These perspectives and techniques will prove to be useful adjuncts to your work.

In addition to the live presentations, a number of his trainings are available in recorded form as CDs, DVDs, or Books.

Dr. Miller will offer trainings for your staff, class, school, company, etc. that may be similar to those below. A custom talk or training also can be designed. Currently, there are no specific professional trainings scheduled.

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Professional Trainings are available for those who meet the qualifications. Below you will find current descriptions of trainings offered that are of special interest to health and helping professionals.  

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  • The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing – Level 1 (Buy the DVD)
  • The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing – Level 2
  • The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing – Level 3
  • Healing the Healer Workshop/Retreat
  • Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/body Medicine
  • Guided Imagery and Relaxation Techniques for Health Practitioners—Beginning and Advanced
Clinical Hypnotherapy—Beginning and Advanced
  • Augmenting EMDR With Hypnosis and Guided Imagery
  • Presence and Love, The Heart and Soul of Deep Healing
  • Imagery, Recovery and Co-Dependence
  • Practicum trainings (1-3 days)


The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing – Level 1

Where are we going? . . . And why am I in this handbasket?

(Buy the DVD Training)

Our culture addresses illnesses and disorders, at all levels of system, from individual and family to community and global, by defining an “enemy” (e.g., the “wars” on cancer, drugs, crime, poverty, terrorism) and attacking it, thereby producing a self-reinforcing spiral of physical, emotional, behavioral, and relationship deterioration.

Deep Healing: focuses on nurturing the positive, healthy Self — a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation toward healing, wholeness, joy and love. Most people have never learned to activate their inborn ability to heal, resulting in illness, dysfunction and disaster, personally, socially and globally. In this training you will learn the tools of hypnosis, which are indispensable to the health professional who wishes to awaken the power of the deeper mind to heal. These perspectives and techniques will prove to be useful adjuncts to your primary practice, and are especially valuable to psychotherapists.

Clinical Hypnosis: an extraordinarily powerful and interesting set of tools for enhancing communication and therapy. Used appropriately, they permit rapid access to the deeper mind, and the potential for profound, rapid healing. Unparalleled for:

      • Relief of stress and stress-related dysfunction and illness
      • Empowering guided imagery
      • Reinforcing cognitive behavioral therapy/behavior change (e.g., addictive/compulsive patterns)
      • Eliminating unwanted habit patterns (e.g., food, alcohol, tobacco, emotional reactions)
      • Mind-body healing/ Psychoneuroimmunology
      • Deep age regression, exploration
      • Self-healing of physical diseases and symptoms (cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, headache, GI problems)
      • Peak performance techniques (sports, learning, creativity)


Dr. Miller’s Approach

The hypnotherapeutic relationship, in its most elegant form, resembles an exquisite dance involving mind, body, emotion, and spirit of both participants, a partnership through which both the guide and the subject are changed – each is part of the experience and grows through it. Thus an important part of the training is your experience of therapeutic states; expect to leave the workshop feeling relaxed, rested, and in possession of new avenues for your personal and professional growth. You will learn to produce and enter complementary states of focused concentration through the selective use of words and imagery, tone and timbre of voice, movement, and mirroring, pacing and leading techniques. You will learn to facilitate your clients/patients in removing barriers to transformation, and in accessing their own inner potentials for deep healing and peak performance.

You will be challenged to open ever more deeply to your inner Self, and to function at an ever higher level of integrity. Even seasoned hypnotherapists find Dr. Miller’s unique perspective and approach reinvigorating to both their practice and themselves.  Those who have taken introductory courses, but have found it difficult to integrate hypnotic techniques into their work, will find the bridge they need to facilitate this process.  And those who have previously trained with Dr. Miller will find new guidance, informed and deepened by his recent personal and clinical experiences.

Partial Syllabus:

      • Recognize & use spontaneous trance states
      • Personal experience of hypnotic state
      • Techniques of hypnotic induction
      • Deepening, including verbal and nonverbal approaches
      • Hypnotic techniques models: pacing, leading, anchoring, desensitization, stress inoculation, hypnocognitive reprocessing
      • Ericksonian techniques/metaskills of hypnosis, relationship to & augmentation of other therapies
      • Inner resources of wisdom & spirit for healing and peak performance
      • Create relaxing, healing & inspiring recordings for your clients/patients


Physicians, Dentists, Psychologists, MFCCs, MSWs, other health and helping professionals legally entitled to use hypnosis in their practice.  Applications subject to approval. Nonprofessional auditors apply to Dr. Miller for permission.

The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing – Level 2

This training begins with a review, practice and deepening of the principles and practices, theories, skills, and perspectives developed in Level 1, then goes on to explore various approaches to inducing and deepening the trance state.

Ample opportunity will be provided for hands-on experience with other members of the class and/or demonstration subjects. Additional material covered will be drawn from the following topics. The depth we go into each will be determined by the interest of the group:


      • Continued development of skills for therapeutic communication/relationship development
      • Skills to improve rapport and acceptance of suggestion
      • Refining our professional language so that it supports transformation and positive change
      • Linguistic maneuvers
      • Principles of Deep Healing, Personal Growth, and Peak Performance
      • Deepen your understanding of the principles of healing and high performance


The Law of Gradients

      • Further uses of the Selective Awareness algorithm of change
      • The integration of mind, body, emotion, and spirit; the establishment of the appropriate therapeutic hierarchy among these aspects of the self; accessing and developing spiritual resources


States of Awareness

      • Practical experience guiding and being guided into states of consciousness that favor healing and peak performance
      • Techniques of suggestion for most powerful production and use of the altered states
      • Recognizing and utilizing spontaneously occurring hypnotic states
      • Waking hypnosis
      • Specific therapeutic techniques


Basic Overview of a Treatment System Based on Hypnotherapeutic Principles

      • Rapid reinduction techniques
      • Developing a powerful, compelling outcome images
      • Teaching self-hypnosis


Advanced Varieties of Trance Induction and Applications

      • The use of ideomotor signals for navigating the unconscious
      • Further approaches for dealing with fear, anxiety, phobia, and stress
      • Developing internal dialogues among salient sub-personalities (inner child, wise adult, spiritual guide, etc.) and developing and sustaining appropriate interrelationships among them
      • The use of tools of hypnosis for experiential identification of the deeper self, the essence from which the most health supportive and wise choices can be made
      • The use of self-esteem-based reframing techniques including Trading Down, and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
      • Reframing—a most powerful technique for dealing with specific symptoms
      • An introduction to the proper use of hypnotic techniques in age regression analysis, rescripting and positive future pacing (The Selective Awareness Exploration)


The Heart of Hypnosis and Deep Healing – Level 3

Advanced training and supervision in the techniques of Hypnotherapy and Deep Healing. This level of training is open only to those who have completed Level 2. Applicants who have completed Level 1 and reviewed the tapes of Level 2 will be considered on an individual basis.

This training is for skilled therapists who have mastered the basics of hypnosis and therapy and would like to explore their application in a variety of settings. This training is especially valuable for psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and others familiar with deep psychotherapeutic work.

The specific applications we cover will be determined by the interests of those attending, and may include:

      • Age regression to very early ages (and before)
      • Use in PTSD
      • The use of spirit in healing
      • Merging hypnotic techniques with EMDR
      • Working with couples and families
      • Waking (disguised) techniques
      • Use of music, art, movement
      • Mutual dyadic induction
      • Spiritual emergence
      • Psychic phenomena
      • How to prepare powerful audiotape experiences
      • Sex therapy
      • Mass hypnosis and the potential for large scale societal change

The Miller Approach

This training will offer a very special opportunity for direct work with and supervision by Dr. Miller. Working with a highly selected small group, he will reveal the full range of approaches he has developed in more than three decades of practice in hypnotherapy, mind-body medicine, performance enhancement, and personal and large scale transformation. Come prepared with problems, challenges and questions, for this will be an opportunity to discover how Dr. Miller would deal with them. There will be plenty of time, in a relaxed atmosphere, to explore your area of interest.

Much of the learning will take place in a practical setting and there will be numerous demonstrations and opportunities to apply these new approaches.

Healing the Healer Workshop/Retreat

Come healer, and be healed. Go out of your mind . . . and come to your senses. Deep relaxation, gentle music and movement to nurture and invigorate the soul. Dedicate this time especially to yourself. Stop giving and discover how to receive, to be renewed, and to be nurtured at that deep place within that inspires and informs your sacred work. Rediscover the source, your essence, and let it be richly nurtured.

Healing is to make whole, to clear the way for the deeper self to integrate and attune all levels of the system, to nurture that self and invite it to come forth and do this. The outcome is wholeness, esteem, joyful self-expression, creativity, and rich rewarding relationships with others and with the world.

Healers need healing too. Come; take this time just for yourself. Come, receive, fill your cup. Whether you are a physician, nurse, schoolteacher, healthcare worker, minister, parent or caring executive this is an important part of your work, and in doing it there is a great toll taken. In our giving to others we forget to give to ourselves, our reserves reach a low level and our ability to give is impaired.

  • Enter through the door of serenity through deep relaxation, imagery, and music.
  • Touch and nurture that essence that is our inspiration and source and potential.
  • Reawaken the enthusiasm, the delight and promise of our path, or our mission.
  • Examine those behaviors and perspectives, which serve as self-defeating patterns and the difference between care taking and care giving.
  • Develop a new, healthier vision to carry forth and to inspire our work.

An unforgettable experience that will serve as a moment to renew, revitalize, to honor the source of healing and become whole again for yourself and for those you serve.

Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/body Medicine

Deep Healing is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation toward a personal vision of wholeness, joy and love. This can occur only on a base of congruence, integrity and rich, passionate, fulfilling experiences in the world. The information age has brought the tools and techniques we need here to our doorstep; it is now our turn to kindle a Spirit worth guiding their use. Dr. Miller will share the experience and awe of his 25 years of clinical and personal practice and learning. Come and explore, experientially, the principles of personal transformation and Deep Healing.

Guided Imagery and Relaxation Techniques for Health Practitioners—Beginning and Advanced

This presentation will help participants gain skill in several techniques of inducing the relaxed state along with an understanding of the rationale for choosing one as opposed to the other. (To choose and utilize) Rationale for the use of imagery along with specific training in how to construct powerful imagery, how to encourage spontaneous imagery, how to work with the images produced by the patient/client, use of imagery to deal with specific mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances.

Clinical Hypnotherapy—Beginning and Advanced

An introduction to the concept and history of hypnosis, basic induction techniques, producing, maintaining, deepening and terminating trance states, the use of auditory suggestions and imagery, self-hypnosis, use of hypnotic techniques for specific physical and psychological problems, hypnosis and spirituality.

Augmenting EMDR With Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

Dr. Miller will present his experience in the use of the tools of hypnosis–deep relaxation, guided imagery, direct and indirect suggestions, and Selective Awareness to enhance– EMDR and accomplish several important goals, including helping the client chose a target, providing tools for rehearsing new behaviors, terminating incomplete sessions and increasing rapport to name a few. Prerequisite: some experience in hypnosis and/or deep relaxation/guided imagery procedures. We will review the fundamental principles, and explore their application experientially and practically.

Presence and Love, The Heart and Soul of Deep Healing

Behavioral medicine has demonstrated clinically, and through controlled experiment the fundamental principles that underlie health (physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and relational). Interestingly, they are isomorphic with the basic precepts of the major spiritual paths/teachers.

Such values as respect, acceptance, honesty, integrity, love, equality and loyalty receive universal lip service, yet in our world they are honored more in the breach than in the performance. The culture-wide and profession-wide practice of denial and doublethink we spiritually abuse ourselves as well as those we serve.

In this training a variety of techniques will be presented and experienced, including the use of imagery facilitated by words, music, and movement to induce and utilize the healing state. Our goal, however, will be to transcend technique to achieve the actual inner experience of healing. You will learn tools for keeping this inner experience alive, and sharing it with those you serve.

Imagery, Recovery and Co-Dependence

The use of deep relaxation and imagery techniques provides a powerful alternative to the person who has become dependent on outside substances, outside people, or upon the approval of others. In this presentation we explore the nature and origin of co-dependence, the nature of origin of addictions, and various techniques are presented which are designed both to heal the inner wounds as well as to change external behavior in relationship to people and things. The use of deep relaxation and imagery for accessing the higher power is explored.

Practicum trainings (1-3 days)

Opportunities to further refine and enhance your techniques and therapeutic skill; an opportunity to be directly observed and critiqued by Dr. Miller and your colleagues.