How to Use the Recordings Made During Your Appointment

You have already taken the most difficult step on the path to creating optimal health of mind and body—you’ve decided you want to change.

You will find these explanations and instructions especially helpful for healing yourself while using the recordings you have received. Though deceptively simple and enjoyable, the processes have been developed over many years of careful study and application, and are very powerful.

As you listen, you will receive suggestions, ideas, and ways of communicating with the cells of your body and with your own inner healing wisdom. Dr. Miller’s voice will offer suggestions and guidance for dealing effectively with the challenges in your life, whether it is to facilitate healing, improve your performance, or to enrich your life in other ways.

By listening mindfully and regularly, you will find these deep relaxation and guided imagery experiences to be potent tools for becoming the person you really want to be. The successes others have achieved working with these processes have been stunning, and the failures are most often due to using them improperly or not using them at all! They cannot help you if they remain comfortably nestled on your bookshelf.

You should find each part of the program simple to follow, if you simply discipline yourself to practice regularly.  If you find that any part seems difficult or confusing, you may wish to consult a trusted physician, therapist, counselor or guide who can provide additional guidance, clarification, or support.

These notes were originally written for my coaching practice and for my patients to use following individual appointments. The first parts are useful to everyone; later parts are more specifically relevant to people who are having individual sessions. Some of this information, however, will be useful to those using the prerecorded CDs, MP3 downloads, and tapes.  Please select an article below to continue: