How To Live With Cancer and Other Chronic Illness: A Conversation With Jan Adrian of Healing Journeys

  • Jan Adrian and Emmett Miller MDToday’s show is about healing, and it offers valuable information for anyone whose life has been touched by a chronic illness. And that goes for caregivers as well as patients.

Today’s guest is Jan Adrian, Master of Social Work and Founder and director of Healing Journeys, an organization that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Healing Journeys performs the invaluable service of offering FREE conferences and retreats for anyone touched by a chronic illness – both patients and their caregivers – at locations throughout the country.

Jan, who holds a Master’s Degree in social work, was one of the team who worked with me in the early days of integrative and holistic medicine (from 1978 to 1985) at the Center for Health Awareness. Together we introduced to the country (and the world) an integral approach to medicine–with a special focus on nurses– that took into account mind, body, emotions, spirit, and relationship. More recently, I have spoken many times at her most popular program, “Cancer as a Turning Point.”

You will discover, as you listen, that Jan has been living with cancer for 25 years, never giving up, not even with stage 4 breast cancer.

From the start, she was not ready to accept what her oncologist told her when she first developed cancer 25 years ago. When she inquired about the role of emotions in her treatment, he raised his voice in response to her question, saying, “Emotions have absolutely nothing to do with it!” Jan refused to believe that, and realized the violence being done to patients with chronic illness by such attitudes. So she set out to study the kind of things a cancer patient might do to support the healing process. 

Since her first diagnosis of breast cancer in 1989, Jan has had all the allopathic treatments available: mastectomy, chemo, radiation – yet she has remained clearly aware that she, as a whole person, was being left powerless by the medical establishment to participate in her own healing. Now thousands receive her valuable insights and information for self-healing and inspired care giving, all based around the healing power of the mind and Love.

Come, hear her story, her struggle, and the remarkable experiences she has had. Then consider coming to one of many upcoming free presentations! More information at 

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