Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis…

Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis

About this Talk: Even as mega-banks topple, Juan Enriquez says the big reboot is yet to
come. But don’t look for it on your ballot — or in the stock exchange.
It’ll come from science labs, and it promises keener bodies and minds.
Our kids are going to be … different.

About Juan Enriques: Juan Enriquez thinks and writes
about the profound changes that genomics and other life sciences will
cause in business, technology, politics and society.


  1. I hate what the big auto companies have done, pushing SUVs etc but Enriquez, while being extremely adept at getting the audience on his side with yuck yucks, it pulling some pretty fast ones.

    There’s a huge difference between spending an extra 10billion on waste, like more bombs built, etc, versus spending an extra 10 billion to rescue domestic Manufacturing.

    Worse, he is even more misleading since there’s a huge difference between making a grant to give away money to Chrystler, versus making a Loan to chrystler…if was mostly if not all loans,

    “GM and Chrysler received $17.4 billion from the government in emergency bridge loans late last year ”


    How can it be a bad idea for us to go into bigger debts (that is borrow) but then say doing the opposite (giving out loans) is bad too? He’s probably trying to cover his rear so he doesn’t get attacked by the rightwing for daring to suggest 3% military cuts…as if one “balances” that by giving a kick to the face to Michigan and our domestic manufacturing…that’s not the way to be “Balanced”..I’m no defender again, of those companies’ management..the loans *should* have (but didn’t) insist on new management, and added conditions like getting into building wind power on a massive scale to diversify, as well as more ecological cars, buses, etc.

    Do that, and we including the government and its loans will come out ahead, making a profit for the taxpayers, plus have a stronger domestic manufacturing base. Then slash military spending which is close to 700billion per year (so 7 Trillion over the next 10 years…which the politicians don’t like to talk about while they scream ‘horrified’ at 900 billion for healthcare over 10 years) down to 100 billion or less for a defense budget that is actually about Defense and not 100+ military bases all over the world, and arming the world (who armed the precursers of the Taliban? The CIA did as if “fighting the Ruskies” justified being in bed and arming ultra fanatics) and stop spending our taxdollars on wars that kill others while they bite us back later

    Didn’t watch the video to the end..but have my doubts about science making any miracles in technology in the net 30 years or other short period..Anyone remember the books in the1960s/1970s claiming “virtually immortality” in super long lifespans was “just around the corner”? (and likewise in the 1980s and to this day)? didn’t happen! Let’s work on growing up as a species or else science and industrial pollution will doom our survival. If we can do that we’ll reach fantastic improvement right away, and then yes, on a more modest scale over a longer time, science can add enhancement to this “base” step of a better society. My PhD is in science but I’m saying this: the Base must be reached through the heart and maturity and wisdom, not science. To modify one of Dr Miller’s favorite quotes, “Though we travel the world of science looking for a better life on earth, we find this Better Life from within, or we find it not”

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