Empowered Caregiving – Thriving, Not Just Surviving: A Conversation with Cindy Laverty


Cindy LavertyAthletes need coaches because the job they do requires concentrated attention, hard work, and wise attention to their mental and physical balance. So do stage performers and top executives.

Caregivers need coaches too – yet few get the kind of support they need. No wonder 20% of caregivers are clinically depressed, 16% become ill, and all are at greater risk for cognitive decline, loss of short term memory, 23% more stress hormones, 15% decline in antibody function, etc.

Cindy Laverty suddenly found herself falling down a rabbit hole as she had to quit her job and let go of her lifestyle to care for a chronically ill relative. She realized what a need there was, and when her care-giving challenge ended she set out to help others by developing an effective way to help others in a similar situation – and she wrote an easy-to-read book, Caregiving – Eldercare Made Clear & Simple.

In this conversation we will examine the hidden challenges of caregiving, and how caregiving can be a gift leading to happiness, greater self-knowledge, and personal transformation. You will learn how most caregivers end up with guilt driving the bus, and how to go from overwhelm to enlightenment by following a few simple steps, confronting reality, and having a clear care plan.


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Caregiving - Eldercare Made Clear and Simple

Caregiving – Eldercare Made Clear & Simple

”The caregiving journey is one of life’s ultimate gifts, but if you don’t have a workable plan, you can easily become lost and overwhelmed,” says Laverty. Caregiving Eldercare Made Clear & Simple is a guide, which provides you with encouraging and practical information, as well as personal insight from Laverty’s own experiences about her journey to finally learn to care for herself.



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This wonderful program speaks to all types of caregivers. It consists of a Heart-to-Heart talk, a reminder of the true source of healing, how the relationship with a caregiver can support this healing, and how important it is to recognize caregiver stress and prevent caregiver burnout. The thrust of this talk is to encourage caregivers to take the time to keep themselves healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are over 65 million caregivers in the US, and caregiver depression is a common condition.

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