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The Key to Stress Management

You are Your Greatest Resource

Discover How to Manage Your Stress Through Meditating

Mankind’s most effective tool is its intellectual, cognitive ability. What we can understand (construct a mental model of), we can transcend by imagining a better state of affairs.

It is crucial to understand the causes and effects of stress and the true nature of the two-phase stress response — then we can deal wisely with stress. The key to stress management is understanding that the ‘stress response’ reveals the secret to resolving your inner tension — the friction of stress — is to accept the reality or the truth of what is here and now. This brings relief to inner conflict and the production of cortisol and other caustic chemicals of stress. When a person is able to relax, the damage to neurons and other bodily organs ceases so that their natural healing process can begin.

The challenge in today’s world is to learn to stop resisting the world and feel at home in it. The resulting relaxation supplies the missing phase of the stress response.  This leaves you ready to respond creatively rather than defensively to life’s many unexpected challenges.

The basic idea is to learn to focus on the moment, realize that the source of all suffering is wanting things to be different from how they are and that by learning to accept the world as it is, and ourselves as we are, you can harness stress and turn your obstacles into stimulating challenges — even golden opportunities. You can learn more about stress and how you can harness its energy for creativity, peak performance, and happiness by following the links below

Dr. Miller has integrated a number of effective techniques to help enable you to do this, including deep relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, and guided imagery. All these can help you attain the peaceful states of serenity and stress relief.

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