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How You Can Learn the Tools of Mind Body Medicine

Gently Altered Mental States Aid In Healing

Clearly, the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness such as meditation, prayer, deep relaxation, and self-hypnosis are of great value in the practice of the mind-body healing approach. As one of those who re-introduced Mind-Body Medicine approaches into Western medicine in the 1960s, Dr. Miller’s particular fascination was with the ability of the mind to enter certain altered states of consciousness which facilitate healing cellular change. But affecting this cellular change requires learning to think according to a new paradigm of relaxed, here-and-now, thoughts and beliefs which require quite a bit of training for most folks raised in our culture.

About Mind Body Medicine“In my practice, I teach people to enter this healing state and then provide suggestions that guide them back to health and wellness. I find that if people take home a recording of my voice, they can practice with it, thus training their brains much more efficiently and quickly.

The recordings serve to provide my patients, as well as other health practitioners, with self-contained, self-directed tools for self-healing. The recordings also serve the additional function of spreading the awareness of how important it is to relax regularly, use guided imagery, and wisely guide the Mind-Body complex.”   – Emmett Miller MD

Dr. Miller’s self-help materials are available in CD, MP3 Download and DVD form.  Furthermore, in Dr. Miller’s practice with individual patients and clients, he can create a personalized recording during each office or phone session – usually with deep relaxation and guided imagery.

Additional healing can also result from their listening to the symptom-specific CDs in Dr. Miller’s Online Store.  You can schedule a personal appointment with Dr. Miller for individual guidance, coaching, therapy, or professional consultation.



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