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Self-Healing MP3 Downloads, CDs, Tapes, & Books!

You Have the Power to Heal Yourself! All healing is self-healing.  The only thing a drug, herb, surgical procedure, therapist, or doctor can do is help nurture or support your innate capacity to heal.

Use experts when you need them, but also use your specialist within. Reach that inner specialist by realizing your potential for healing, peak performance, and success. The most important factor in your healing process, whether what you suffer from is physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or relationship-based, is information. The wrong information can slow your healing or make you worse. The right information can speed up your healing journey. What’s more, it can enable you to achieve the things that really mean the most to you and to perform at your peak.

Emmett Miller, MD is a leader in the field of mind-body health, and a specialist in creating self-healing experiences through guided imagery audio products, meditation, self-hypnosis, and cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Discover how Dr. Miller’s fine programs can help you:

      • Manage stress, relax deeply, and enter your own healing state. As stress is balanced with relaxation, toxic chemicals leave the body. Project this ability into your future so you can de-stress and relax anytime.
      • Free yourself from harmful habits, unwanted behaviors, and addictions. Develop behavior patterns that create happiness and success in your life. Learn to Change Habits and Behaviors and develop the patterns you want in your life.
      • Tap your own spiritual resources. Nurture your spirit and learn to use its wisdom and power to do what your heart tells you to do.
      • Understand how your thoughts, images, beliefs, and feelings produce well-being or illness – and how it is you that chooses.  You can learn Deep Healing principles and put them to work in your life.
      • Harness the energy of your stress and re-channel it toward health, joy, love, and personal excellence. You can achieve peak performance with the right tools.
      • Develop emotional intelligence. Learn to be sensitive and aware of your emotions and feelings, bring them into balance and learn to use their power. See your emotions as messengers that can bring you vital information and that you can use to send messages to the organs and organ systems of your body. When you balance your mind and emotions, you create the ideal conditions for creating success and happiness as well as healing current illnesses.
      • Achieve conscious control over your physical and emotional systems and learn how to perform at your peak — in sports, work, wherever it’s worth bringing your best to life.
      • Use affirmations, imagery, and emotional intelligence to rewrite your mind’s script.  Write your own life’s script, build self-esteem, heal your relationships, and contribute to healing our planet.
      • Become a leader. Learn the powerful techniques of Distributed Leadership and how to use guided imagery to empower yourself and the groups you work with.
      • You have a part to play in the deep healing of our planet. No one else will do it. Read Dr. Miller’s latest book or eBook, Our Culture on the Couch, and discover the part you want to play in this global drama.

Dr. Miller’s self-healing audio mp3 downloads and CDs will help you connect with your inner wisdom so that you are able to harness your own self -healing powers. In these programs, Dr. Miller’s suggestions are woven within beautiful music and soothing sounds of nature. Attain a deeply relaxed, receptive state of consciousness similar to meditation and hypnosis. As you relax, learn to let go of stress and tension and control pain.  Eliminate harmful habits and reach optimal levels of wellness and performance.

Widely recommended by physicians, psychotherapists and health care practitioners, Dr. Miller’s downloads, tapes, and CDs draw richly upon your own emotions, intellect, and wisdom, and are fully compatible with both conventional and “alternative” medical therapies. Each tape, CD, or MP3 download brings you two to four different healing or peak performance meditations, and often one or two heart-to-heart talks with Dr. Miller.  Each audio recording is skillfully designed so that you can listen to them hundreds of times and experience them differently each time. The powerful messages incorporated within, are layered so subtly that you will be hearing new information all the time.

Visit our Listening Station and enjoy some free guided imagery audio samples. More than 40 years of experience have produced a quality in Dr. Miller and his products that will be immediately clear to you. Then you can explore the Online Store and discover which of these astoundingly inexpensive guided imagery audio programs is right for you.


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