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What is Self Healing?

Healing means becoming more whole, more able to accomplish what you wish to accomplish, and more able to enjoy your life. This wholeness may involve the healing of a physical wound, an emotional disturbance, a maladaptive behavior (rage, addiction, shyness), or conflictual relationships.

Healing is an active, living process. You can learn how to heal yourself. Medicines, supplements, surgery, exercise – they help but are only support for the self-healing process. Antibiotics can weaken a bacterium, but only your immune system can actually kill and get rid of it. Studies show the single most important thing you can do is to learn to create mental and physical relaxation and balance. These, along with guided imagery, meditation, self-hypnosis, and prayer are very potent mind tools for getting you well and keeping you well.

Patient, Heal Thyself

Self-healing refers to the things you can do to cause your internal system to function better and heal you faster and more thoroughly. Self-healing involves behaving wisely, tuning into the true needs of your body, mind, spirit, and soul and making wise choices – to eat the right way, exercise the right way, and get the right amount of sleep. Learn deep relaxation for ten or twenty minutes each day, three times a day if you want even better results.

During this time focus on peace, harmony, beauty, love, and other similar experiences. Meditation, prayer, and other deep relaxation techniques will help you eliminate distractions. During this time, allow yourself to feel completely accepting of yourself, exactly as you are and accepting the world just as it is at this moment – after all, it cannot at this moment be any different from how it is at this moment!

Fill your mind with the things you feel grateful that you have to feel and experience in your life. Give thanks and feel the gratitude in your body. Visualize your body healing itself and becoming more whole and functional. Then picture yourself as completely well, happy and healthy.  That’s the key to the secrets of self-healing!  Just remember to do it several times a day.

Self Healing Stress

Stress is a very important part of most of our illnesses. Some it causes, others it makes worse. Physical tension and mental/emotional stress produce disordered (incoherent) neural impulses in the nerves and circulate stress chemicals in the body that cause, for example:

      • Inflammation, (tendonitis, arthritis, GI problems)
      • Muscle pain and dysfunction, (backache and headache, muscle tension, elevated blood pressure, colonic disorders)
      • Emotional imbalance (anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, unhappiness)
      • Mental dysfunction, (low creativity, insomnia, procrastination, attention deficit)
      • Behavioral disorders, (drinking, smoking, eating)
      • Chronic stress over a long period actually shrinks the brain, killing neurons by the millions

Deeply relaxed states re-balance the system. Most imbalances and disorders, (illnesses, dysfunctions, symptoms, or diseases)  are either caused or made worse, by physical tension and mental/emotional stress.  Deep Relaxation is the direct antidote to stress and is thus widely used in self-healing techniques.

So, to help speed up your healing, be certain to wisely guide the mind, its thoughts, and emotions, to function in a way that is congruent with the healing process you want to facilitate. In other words, be the change you want to create.


Suggested Self Healing Guided Imagery, Meditation Programs

Perhaps the easiest way to heal yourself with your mind is through the use of guided imagery audio recordings. Dr. Miller has many different CDs, DVDs, and Mp3s that are designed to help speed up your healing process.

Why not start with Healing Journey, check out Deep Healing: Your Personal Wellness Suite at our online store, or follow some of the links below to learn more about your own potential for self-healing.

All these will help you learn deep relaxation skills, and how to use guided imagery to create an inner state that is most supportive of the healing process.


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