Love and Anger – The Strongest Emotions


Two of the most powerful emotions we can feel are love and anger, and they have a powerful effect on our health. Cultivating a love of life leads to the optimum state of health. Awakening the self-healer within depends on loving yourself, others, and the universe. Anger has a more complex role. I have found in my work that people with (certain) immune system dysfunctions often have difficulty with expressions of anger. If we are to get the most from the deep healing process, we need to get to know anger a little better, where it comes from, what it really means, and what we can do to express it in healthy ways.

If you do not find ways to safely experience your anger or assertiveness, you may fear it or suppress it. This sets the stage for many physiological imbalances, some of which may affect your immune system.

Since anger is, in many ways, an antidote to helplessness for some people, could the inability to express anger appropriately be at the root of many immune dysfunctions? Could the presence of self-anger trigger the immune system’s “friendly fire” in a person who was genetically predisposed? Or could unexpressed anger towards another trigger an allergy?

Could the inability to develop the awareness of anger leave our bodies open to invasion from the outside (infection) or from the inside (cancer)? These and other questions await to be answered by science, but perhaps you can determine them for yourself by a little experimentation with deep relaxation and visualization.
Try this exercise from Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine

Imagine that you can go within your body and look at the organs and cells involved. (You may want to consult a physiology book that has clear pictures to help you with this.)

Visualization: Imagine traveling within your body, or having x-ray vision that allows you to see any areas of your body that you wish to heal. Now, envision the natural healing forces of your body in any way that they appear to you. For example, you might create images of anatomically correct immune cells, or you might imagine a posse of white horses charging in to surround and annihilate a viral or bacterial infection, or perhaps a cancer. Some people imagine dozens of superheroes swooping down to knock out offending cells or microorganisms. The important thing is that you choose an image that works for you.

Now visualize your healing forces bringing about the transformation to health that is needed by your body at this time. The effect is not instantaneous, like a pill, it is cumulative, creating the healthy state gradually and gently over a period of days, weeks, or even months. Make this exercise a regular part of your daily life, and you will be surprised by the results.


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