Way Beyond Sports: a Conversation with Olympian Marilyn King [Free Podcast]


Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian in the grueling five event Pentathlon. Her 20-year athletic career includes five national titles and a world record. An automobile accident rendered her unable to train physically for her third Olympic Team. Using only mental training techniques she placed second at the Olympic trials for the 1980 Moscow Games.

Leaving her head coaching position at the University of California, Berkeley Marilyn founded Beyond Sports in 1981 to explore the field of exceptional human performance. Focusing in the areas of business, education and peace, over the past 30 years Marilyn’s techniques have been incorporated by Fortune 100 companies seeking to empower employees, embrace change and provide global leadership. Marilyn has also presented at over 200 national and international education conferences with academicians and researchers who are designing schools of the future. Her most pioneering work, a joint Russian-American venture called the Peace Team prompted two invitations to speak at the United Nations.

Begin Your Day the Olympian Way

Created by
Olympian Marilyn King &

Emmett Miller MD

Begin Your Day the Olympian Way
The Fastrack to Leadership Gold

Olympian Thinking™, the exceptional human performance theory behind this program, was developed by two-time Olympian Marilyn King, now an internationally acclaimed expert in leadership development. Partnering with Emmett Miller, MD a pioneer in the field of guided imagery and the body/ mind connection, they guide you in developing the most important daily practice common to all high achievers.

Create a 7-minute daily practice to engage your mind for accelerated leadership development.

While leadership has always been important, right now in times of uncertainty, anxiety and fear leaders have a particularly important role to play. This program is for leaders who are ready to step up and take full leadership responsibility to inspire, inform, mobilize and support their team in a time of accelerating, continuous, systemic change.

This program, created with a pioneer in the field of guided imagery, Emmett Miller MD, features an instructional and inspirational CD including an Introduction to Olympian Thinking™ and gold and silver guided imageries.

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