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Emmett Miller is best known for his revolutionary work in creating the holistic approach to healing and the field of Mind-Body Medicine. After graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1967) he quickly realized that mainstream medicine was missing the boat. Most of our illnesses were clearly due to lifestyle, stress, and our lack of ability to use the power of our minds to heal our bodies, emotions, and behaviors (e.g., addictions). 

Dr. Miller's Mind-Body Medicine Personal & Coaching AppointmentsAs a mathematician who studied computer programming in 1962, he was one of the first to realize how the mind functions much like a biocomputer; it perceives, reasons, and feels the way it was programmed, and this programming can be changed through the use of relaxed, meditation-like states and specific mental image rehearsal (Software for the Mind).

Within a few years he developed the holistic approach to healing and together with a few colleagues (Ken Pelletier, David Bresler, Martin Rossman, Joan Borysenko, Jeanne Achterberg, Jon Kabat Zinn, Herbert Benson, Peter Mutke, Carl Simonton), created the field of Integrative (Holistic) Medicine.

Dr. Miller received special acclaim for his development of the field of Guided Imagery, and especially his being the first to publish cassette audiotapes featuring deep relaxation and mental imagery, (1973). This was a completely new tool for empowering people to use the power of their minds for self-healing and optimal performance. They also spread awareness of this new and powerful tool throughout the health care field.

Each of his tapes (now available as CDs & MP3s) provided training in the use of numerous potent mental tools he called ‘Experiences’, or ‘Inductions’.  Dr. Miller’s audio programs are helpful for deeply relaxing the body, dissolving stress, quieting, centering the mind, and focusing attention and intention on the image of the desired change/outcome desired – and they helped spawn an entire industry and approach to medicine and healing.

These recordings offered a completely new tool and served a second purpose, for they spread awareness of the potential of the Mind-Body approach throughout the health care field. His presentations at universities and medical schools (see complete list in Dr. Miller’s Resume) helped open new vistas for health professionals worldwide and Dr. Miller continued to train health and helping professionals and coaches throughout the ‘70s and ’80’s. The principles and techniques presented in his first book, Selective Awareness – the Mind-Body Approach (1973), are now widely accepted and in daily use in most modern medical facilities.

Dr Miller has served as lecturer or preceptor at the University of California and Stanford Medical School, as well as other universities and medical schools. Currently, he maintains a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Nevada City, California where he sees patients/clients in his office and consults by telephone and Skype. His current leading projects are:

      • The continual development of – a web-based healing center dedicated to the catalysis of positive change and wisdom through creation, production and distribution of audio and visual media. something like – produce and share with you the best of what we find online & in health field.
      • Continuing to travel and speak to interested groups
      • Explore the leading edge of Mind Body Medicine & Global Healing in his Podcast Channel “Conversations with Extraordinary People
      • Spending quality time with loved ones

You can learn more about Dr. Miller’s path and practices by reading The Emmett Miller MD Story, or read his Open Letter there. See his Resume, watch Videos of Dr. Miller, or Contact Us for an interview or to schedule an Appointment.