Endorsements & Testimonials

The following excerpts from professionals, patients, and thought leaders are offered to provide a fuller picture of Dr. Miller’s work and its impact.

Endorsements from Leaders


Across the board—from athletes training for major events, actors and actresses preparing for opening night, musicians, business people, administrators, educators, coaches, college students, chronic pain clients, to overstressed husbands and wives—I have found Dr. Miller’s guided imagery products to be the foundation on which the success of all the other wellness options I utilize rest upon!

They help people from all backgrounds learn how to harness stress-energy and turn it into the fuel for optimal performance better than any other materials available in the country. I am very appreciative of having come into contact with Dr. Miller’s guided imagery programs and resource material.

My continued success with clients has been, to a large degree, based upon the concepts of StressFitness I have learned from Dr. Miller.  It is for these reasons that I give Dr. Miller’s guided imagery programs and resource material my highest endorsement.

His book, Feeling Good: How to Stay Healthy, has helped me put the concept of StressFitness into proper context in my own life, as well as my clients, better than any book I have ever read.

–– John G. Kulick, Northshore Naturobioholistic Health Center, Duluth, MN


Joe Eager Image

You are a real musician… Not only in what you have produced and recorded but especially in the sensitive way you elicit “music” in a large group—your words and your movement.”

––Joe Eger, Conductor, The Symphony for the United Nations, Visiting Conductor, People’s Republic of China.



“We believe that relaxation techniques should be taught to all, especially to those who suffer from chronic or recurring pain. We are glad, therefore, that Dr. Miller offers his special comprehensive approach for dealing with common pain problems such as migraines.

His guided imagery program, Letting Go of Stress, has become an integral part of the University of Cincinnati Headache Center treatment program. Patients have reported a decrease in the occurrence of head, neck, and shoulder pain and often patients report aborting or decreasing the severity of their attacks. This helps reduce the use of analgesic drugs.

Dr. Miller has made a valuable contribution towards pain control by utilizing his simple, straightforward methods involving his own special talents through beautifully-sounding products.

–– Mary W. Dobrin, Patient Educator and Counselor, and Robert Smith, MD, Professor and Director, Dept. of Family Medicine, University of Cincinnati


Tom Ferguson, MD Image

“I first met Emmett Miller through his tapes. Several friends had told me that his relaxation tapes were the best available. I ordered a couple and found they really did help me relax.

The sound quality and music alone put them head and shoulders above any other relaxation tapes I’ve listened to. There is something about his voice that makes you want to curl up, put your thumb in your mouth, and rub a soft object against your cheek.”

––Tom Ferguson, MD, Publisher, Medical Self-Care Magazine



Dr. Peter Jensen Image

Dr. Peter Jensen

“It is not often in this day and age that one gets the urge to write a complimentary letter concerning a ‘product’.  Actually, to call Dr. Miller’s CDs ‘products’ is indeed to mislabel them. They are learning tools of the highest order. I have been using Dr. Miller’s products for the past 4 or 5 years, both personally and with the elite athletes with (whom) I work, and I have found them to be excellent.

Not only is their quality, in my opinion, far superior to others on the market – the script is ideal. It leaves the participant free to supply their own, unique style and mental creativity to the process…

They have been an integral part of my sport psychology program with Canadian Olympic and International Athletes…

The ones I have found most useful in working with athletes, aside from those that are specifically written for that purpose, are Writing Your Own Life Script, which is particularly good in allowing the athlete to begin to see themselves acting in congruence with their expressed desires, and the Rainbow Butterfly, which is a marvelous ‘on the way to the competition site’ companion.”

––Dr. Peter Jensen, Sport Psychologist, Canadian Center for High Performance, Ontario



Emmett Miller is a remarkable individual and a true pioneer in assisting persons to raise their consciousness and to understand what makes them tick. It has been a pleasure to observe the increasing interest and participation in his workshops here in the State of Hawaii.

I have been particularly impressed with his ability to work with individuals in crisis… His calm, soft-spoken approach can soothe the troubled waters and bring about peace.

He has had a profound effect upon the thinking and healing concepts of…health practitioners and other persons within this state.”

––Helen Burnside, Director, Office of Human Resources, City and County of Honolulu, HI, Former Dean, School of Nursing, University of Hawaii



Anees A. Sheikh, PhD Image

Anees A. Sheikh, PhD

Dr. Emmett Miller has performed an invaluable service by bringing the theory and techniques of mental imagery to professionals and laymen through his numerous audios and videos.

Dr. Miller’s program, Personal Excellence, demonstrates his extensive experience in the imagery field by highly informative lectures and very effective experiences. Dr. Miller’s unique blend of talents again transforms this interesting material into a deeply moving experience; the script is wonderful, the voice is soothing and unobtrusive, and the music is perfectly attuned to the situation.

I have been active in the field of mental imagery for over twenty years, and I am not aware of better audios and videos than those produced by Dr. Miller. In short, anyone interested in self-care, self-knowledge, and/or self-actualization, will find this album to be a high-yield investment.

–– Anees A. Sheikh, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychology, Marquette University, WI


Dewitt C. "Bud" Baldwin image

Dewitt C. “Bud” Baldwin

The surgery went extremely well and one week later I am doing a full day’s work and almost everything that I could do before (except lift heavy objects).

I utilized your recordings to help me visualize a bloodless operative field… and both surgeons and the anesthetist commented spontaneously (I did not tell them…) that they had never seen such a clean field! Indeed, for four separate incisions… they commented that there couldn’t have been half a teaspoon of blood loss.”

––Bud Baldwin, President, Earlham College

Professional Testimonials

Bernie Siegel, Author, Love, Medicine, and Miracles
Larry Dossey, M.D., Author, Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine
George Leonard, Author, Mastery and the Ultimate Athlete
Ronnie Lott, Sportscaster, Former San Francisco 49ers Star
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and A Woman’s Book of Life
Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., Originator and Developer of EMDR Senior Fellow, Mental Research Institute
Jennifer Anderson Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Joan Baez, Folksinger, Activist
Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist Author, Signs of Life
Shirley R. Fuller, Ph.D.
Virginia Satir, Creator of the Field of Family Therapy
Gunnar Sivelius, M.D., Medical Director, Lockheed Missiles and Space
Darcy Lubbers, A.T.R., M.F.C.C.l, Author, Adult Art Psychotherapy
Lynn Marcotte, R.N., B.S.N., L.M.T.
Paulette Pitner, Publisher, Evolving Times
Vic Conant, President, Nightengale-Conant Corp.
Jim Reardon, Ph.D., Sports Psychologist for U.S. Olympic Team
Margaret McGovern
Gloria Felsburg

Deep Healing has the essential ingredients we all need to live healthy lives. Information and inspiration are united to lead to our transformation. In the process of healing lies the joy of living. Emmett Miller has been one of my teachers and healers—read this excellent resource and heal.”

––Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Author, Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Anyone reading this book will come away not just healthier and more whole, but blessed.”

––Larry Dossey, M.D., Author, Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine


Here’s the testament of a wise and compassionate man, a pioneer in mind/body healing. It’s not only an effective, easy-to-read manual on attaining health and happiness, but also a preview of 21st-century medicine. I recommend it highly.”

––George Leonard, Author, Mastery and the Ultimate Athlete



“As I got further in my career I realized the importance of focusing and concentrating on my skills. Through Dr. Miller’s books and tapes, I have enhanced and bettered my talents.

––Ronnie Lott, Sportscaster, Former San Francisco 49ers Star



Deep Healing is a gift of wisdom and transformation. Thousands of people have experienced emotional healing through Dr. Miller’s excellent audio programs. Now his deep humanity, a wealth of clinical experience, and practical suggestions are available in this comprehensive written guide.”

––Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and A Woman’s Book of Life



Deep Healing is a must-read for those just learning about alternative healing modes, and for those who wish a comprehensive understanding of the myriad possibilities evoked through a systematic understanding of body/mind phenomena. I highly recommend it!”

––Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., Originator and Developer of EMDR, Senior Fellow, Mental Research Institute

A must for students of mind-body psychology or medicine.”

––Jennifer Anderson Ph.D., University of Minnesota



“Through the principles made clear in this illuminating breakthrough book, Deep Healing, Dr. Miller has guided me on an astounding journey of profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.”

––Joan Baez, Folksinger, Activist



Deep Healing is an important book that bridges traditional and complementary forms of medicine. It empowers and inspires both doctors and patients, and restores the mystery and magic of healing to the field of medicine by reminding us through stories and research of the inherent healing capacities found in all human beings. This is an invaluable resource and guide for all health care professionals.”

––Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist, Author, Signs of Life



Dr. Miller’s unshakable faith in the potential of everyone to obtain balance, coupled with his considerable finesse when applying techniques from a variety of disciplines, allows him to address the full range of issues that individuals must face in the world today. His genuine caring, love, and respect for humans and their condition create a safe and compassionate atmosphere for any form of self-exploration and change to occur. I admire Emmett Miller and have benefited greatly both personally and professionally from my association with him.”

––Shirley R. Fuller, Ph.D.



To feel good is our human heritage. Dr. Miller shows us how to do this.”

––Virginia Satir, Creator of the Field of Family Therapy



“Seven years ago, an MRI showed I had Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Miller and I have figured out the fears that bound me, the control needs that exhausted me. I’m learning to believe in the images

––Gunnar Sivelius, Medical Director, Lockheed Missiles and Space



Training and working with Emmett Miller has been transformational for me personally, and has provided a powerful pathway for the evolution of my own work. His love for humanity, passion for healing, intuitiveness, and mastery of language are all evident in his pioneering approach.”

––Darcy Lubbers, A.T.R., M.F.C.C., Author, Adult Art Psychotherapy


How very fortunate I feel to have discovered your beautiful work. It was my very first experience with meditation, and it saved my life. I began using it as a tool when I taught stress management techniques in a dual diagnostic unit for patients with psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse. I wish to thank you for your gift—from the bottom of my heart.”

––Lynn Marcotte, R.N., B.S.N., L.M.T.


The mind-body connection is real. With Dr. Miller’s guidance, my blood pressure fell from 168/100 to 139/84. Reducing my stress and connecting the mental circuits was the key.”

––Paulette Pitner, Publisher, Evolving Times


Dr. Miller has a unique and effective way of communicating ageless wisdom and modern techniques. The approaches he pioneered have made a powerful impact on the lives of leaders and others who want to bring their best to life.”

––Vic Conant, President, Nightengale-Conant Corp.

“I started using the tapes with my patients, and it was a natural extension to use them with Olympic athletes. We had nothing but positive feedback.”

––Jim Reardon, Ph.D., Sports Psychologist for U.S. Olympic Team


My physician was critical when I insisted on taking my tape of Successful Surgery and Recovery and playing it as I rode down the hall on the gurney and into the operating room. He changed his mind when he heard how impressed the anesthesiologist was with how relaxed, calm, and confident I was. ‘This is incredible,’ he said. The surgery went fine and I’m certain it was as close to being a positive experience as having a breast removed can possibly be.”

––Margaret McGovern


I’m not very good at just sitting and meditating. My mind wanders all over the place or else I fall asleep. But with Dr. Miller’s tapes, I’m able to relax, focus and use my imagination without difficulty.”

––Gloria Felsburg